Fall is here!

It's a very cold cloudy morning. I woke up an hour earlier than I should have. Just for the heck of it. No. The intention was to do homework – but, you know, who cares about homework. So I am making myself some tea and listening to music.
Hot shower, fall clothes, tea, and a blanket. I think I've been looking forward to that kind of morning since the start of the school year. And now it's there. And it's not just amazing, it's twice as amazing as I expected it to be because I'm sitting here and relaxing at the time when I would usually hurry to get ready and run around the house. It's a good thing I got myself to get out of bed early. And now I am sitting and looking at the clock and treasuring every minute of this slow and beautiful morning.
Yes, so it's fall. And since it's fall, there's that: http://www.pickyourown.org/pumpkinpie.php. I wanna make one of those these days. Maybe not as amazing as those instructions say. And maybe not from a real pumpkin. But it will still smell like a real pumpkin pie – or close enough.
Random thought. As I am sitting here doing nothing, I am realizing that I will come to class and I won't be dead tired or feeling like I just got dragged out of bed and about to go back to my pillow. Or maybe I will, even more so, because I got one hour less sleep than I could have. We'll see. Right now it's just a slow and amazing morning and I should probably go outside to see how cold it is in order to decide what kind of jacket I want to wear – and then get ready and head to class.
Hope you people have a good morning!


The Weird Morning

There are different kinds of morning. The one when you wake up at 7am +- and wondering how come you are not dead yet because you are feeling as close to that as an alive human being can – the normal morning. The one when you wake up late at night and it's already dark – then you regret losing your day – the upside down morning. And the one when you wake up between evening and afternoon – then you feel like you don't know where you are at – it feels like you woke up too late and too early at the same time – the weird morning. You feel like you got too much sleep. You feel like you did not get enough sleep. You feel guilty in front of yourself for sleeping in and for sleeping not enough. You don't know where that much light comes from, yet wondering why it is not sunrise.
So you just stare at your computer hoping your day to start make any sense. And sure it does not. It never does. Eventually you come to the point where you just don't care and get off of your butt to get ready for a social obligation you gotta show up at – forcing yourself to eat, to make your hair look not like morning hair – and being thankful for the social obligation to make you move around.
Good mornaftevenoon everybody!

A morning gift.

Sometimes you get a few minutes in your life that you have never expected you will. Not a few minutes stolen from death – a few minutes of vacation from your routine, at a totally random time – and somehow those few minutes feel like you haven't really lived until you encounter them. You don't have anything planned, so you can do anything. You can be spontaneous and have fun. Or you can cry. Or run around and scream. Or do all of those things at once. You haven't planned what you are gonna feel like. It's a time off the chart – like when you take cash off of your account, and then forget about it, and then at some random account you find it and can spend it in a much freer way than money off of your debit card.
You come outside, earlier than you have ever been outside before. You see pearl-colored clouds and for once experience cool air. It's refreshing. The neighbor's AC makes a quiet sound. Somewhere there is a noise of maintenance equipment – which for some reason makes you feel safe because you know somewhere there are people taking care of the moment you are experiencing. You decide you need to take a picture – but then realize that you can't – because what you are experiencing is not just a visual sensation of morning colors. You start understanding that what makes the moment so precious is the sensation of the things you have more so experienced before – in a new setting – in a setting free of stress, worries, plans, decisions, and any crap that normally spoil your life.
So you feel happy and smile, surprised by the moment – and then grab your laptop to write about it. You are not sure that you will succeed – but you don't really care – you are not only describing it, you feel like you can't hold words inside. And accidentally, without noticing, you end up drawing a picture – the picture you wanted to take but couldn't, because it would make so little sense.
You sit on the porch and try to remember every single sensation before life starts. The sun is rising, coloring the leaves and the top of the roof orange, it is getting more noisy. You cannot say what fills the air with noise, but something makes you feel that the day is closer now. It is getting warmer, too, and feels more like your normal morning.
Boom! The alarm goes off and you realize that you've been taken back to life that is about to start. You are excited about the day, yet will never forget those sacred few minutes that life granted you as a gift – but you are ready for your life again – and inspired, more than ever.
And you go shut off your alarm – with a wide smile on your face – and a feeling more alive than you have in a long time.
While standing up from the porch you were sitting on, you notice your cup of water you have brought with you – and your cell phone. You forgot about both. You realize they get you back to life even more – and you stretch – looking forward to whatever the day will bring.

“We’re still flying”

"- We're still flying.
– That's not much.
– It's enough."
Firefly (c)

Morning, morning, rainy morning. I am wondering if, since my laptop is the color of water, it will protect itself from getting water in all of its hardware, as opposed to my camera, which actually did get water all over because of my photoshoot yesterday evening. Yesterday was the first time I picked up my camera in a long while. The first pictures on my SD card date back to fall, and there is only very few of them, and then death – until yesterday. My evening included a dilemma between sleep, food, taking pictures, homework, and minecraft. Apparently, the urge to go run under the rain was stronger than my determination to accomplish anything more productive than that, so there I was, sitting on the ground, soaking in the rain with my camera in my hands, and having the fun of my life.
Today is as rainy as yesterday, which is nice, because rain is always nice. The sky is a little bit more gloomy, but I kind of like that, since I don't remember the last time we had that.
My computer is still alive, even though it took a nice fresh shower. I am strangely awake for how many hours I've been awake and for how little caffeine I consumed in the previous 12 hours. I had a nice omelet for breakfast and did not have to stand in a line. The sun does not hurt my eyes since it's hiding, and I'm done with the presentation, and proud of how great of a job my group did. I am not paranoid about my past due assignments, and now PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO PREVENT ME FROM WRITING IN MY BLOG!!!! CRAP!!!! LOL My friends are awesome! 😀

It’s a coffee-and-newspaper kind of morning

Yep, that's right – I'm up early without any particular purpose and have a couple hours before my busy day starts. I'm listening to some cool music, and got my blackberry vanilla tea instead of coffee, and my project instead of a newspaper. Hey, I do have a newspaper, just picked one up yesterday. So I can have a perfect coffee-and-newspaper morning. For a while, then I need to look at my project. 
So how did this morning happen at the first place? Well, I set my alarm for 7am, and managed to wake up at that time. It was not easy, but I didn't seem to want to sleep any longer. It was light outside and seemed like some birds were singing. Then, while walking around my room wrapped up in my blanket, I started thinking whether I am awake enough to do homework, or sleepy enough to go back to bed. Since my answer was neither, I decided that I should make myself some tea, take it slow and just relax for a while.
It's great to be enjoying tea in the early morning – especially when this tea is in a transparent glass – this way you can see all the vibrancy of its color – deep red with a light shade of purple, not visible enough to see that it's really purple, but obvious enough, which prevents me from saying it's just red.
The tea is too hot, so I'm using an old binder as a lap desk, which does not look like a happy event for the binder, because it kinda melting because of the mug on it. Oh well.
What else do people do on a coffee-and-newspaper morning? Well, they write in a blog – possibly – at least that's what I ended up doing instead of reading a newspaper. Check email? Checked both, and luckily, nothing annoying, irritating or painful from my parents. In fact, nothing at all from them, which can be enough to provide for a happy morning.
I think that not reading a newspaper does not really make this morning worse – a coffee-and-newspaper kind of morning is not necessarily that much different from a coffee-and-writing kind of morning, the last one actually being even more exciting.
Now to think of it, I haven't had a morning like that for a long time – I either sleep in till noon or later, or wake up and start doing homework or playing Minecraft – or head out to do some relevant or irrelevant errands. There are no mornings to just sit, enjoy some great music and hot tea while writing something. Minecraft is fun, homework is necessary (and fun sometimes, too), but the coffee-and-newspaper mornings are necessary for me to stay sane in this crazy world.
Now that I am having this coffee-and-newspaper kind of morning, I am realizing that it is, in fact, really important to just sit and relax. And it's time to go get breakfast now!

Look at the icicles!

Oh this sweet morning when you wake up with a mixed feeling of hating yourself for not getting enough sleep, wanting to go back to bed, and wanting to challenge yourself to get through this day like all mortals – and realizing that you really have only one choice, because otherwise you're gonna miss out on all the fun – and nobody would let you do anything else other than staying awake anyways – which is part of the fun.
It takes you no more than two minutes to get out of bed because you are told to go outside and look at the gorgeous icicles on the frozen irrigation system – and yes, you drag yourself outta bed, still hating yourself for going to bed late, but excited about the great weekend you are having, the fun day that is coming up, and the icicles to look at. It takes a short walk outside – wearing just a sweatshirt – to almost fully wake up: the cold outside does not welcome those who don't get enough sleep.
You come back to the house, eat a couple of pancakes which seem like the best pancakes in the whole world, with a big smile drink a cup of coffee in the hope of warming up and staying awake, and sit in front of your computer, thinking how awesome of a morning you've had, and how much more fun this day will be.

Good morning!

I am starting to have a feeling that those who are saying that a person needs to get 8 hours of sleep per night to survive, are, in fact, right. Yesterday was the first Sunday night in a long time when I got 8 hours of sleep.
I woke up at 7 am today, trying to shut off my alarm, but realizing that I was, in fact, not feeling like I was dying. Good. Smile. Go back to bed and look in the window. Fog? Ehhh. Wait! Fog??? Interesting! Set another alarm and go back to bed.
The second time I woke up was 7.15 am, when my second alarm went off. I started to remember my plans for the morning – and that was to make coffee, to have breakfast, and to remember to take my laptop to class. The thought of coffee got me out of bed, and by 7.30 I was out of my room, with my backpack, laptop, and coffee, still having enough time to get breakfast and not be late for class.
I got to class a little before eight, had time to turn on my computer, sip my coffee and get ready for taking notes. For once I was paying attention in class and remember all the instructor said + taking notes on my laptop was an enjoyable experience.
Now it's time for my second class for today, and for the greatest of conclusions of all times: yes, getting eight hours of sleep at night is, indeed, important.
Have a great day everybody!