Resolutions and thoughts.

It's the New Year, so everybody is talking about New Year resolutions and year's conclusions and what not. I don't think I ever made any New Year resolutions except for once two years ago. I remember only a few of those, one of which was writing something every day – which, after two years, I achieved somewhat – I am not writing every day, but I keep a journal and write a few times a month. I'm kinda proud of myself.
As resolutions don't normally work for most people, including myself, this year I think I will do a list of inspirational ideas – not promises to myself or resolutions, but more so things that I have always wanted to do, things I think are necessary or good for me. This way, I'll have something to go off of instead of trying to be perfect and failing.

So, there we go, my ideas of making my life better:
1. I have always wanted to get a guitar and learn how to play – so I want to do it this year.
2. I need to start working out more – both for the good mood and for the body endurance and strength, and maybe lift some weights.
3. Eating. Cooking and eating. At least two times a day. I tend to skip meals, which should happen less often.
4. Do some more experiments with my hair – mostly colors, maybe styles.
5. Write at least once a week in my journal.
6. Doing more crocheting – and more complicated crocheting projects, and maybe learn knitting.
7. Clean my house – and keep it clean.
8. Draw something every once in a while.
9. Learn how to manage my time better.

Eh… I don't think I wanna think of any more. I have yet to write my last year's conclusion – and maybe I will, when I have enough inspiration for that.