Look at the icicles!

Oh this sweet morning when you wake up with a mixed feeling of hating yourself for not getting enough sleep, wanting to go back to bed, and wanting to challenge yourself to get through this day like all mortals – and realizing that you really have only one choice, because otherwise you're gonna miss out on all the fun – and nobody would let you do anything else other than staying awake anyways – which is part of the fun.
It takes you no more than two minutes to get out of bed because you are told to go outside and look at the gorgeous icicles on the frozen irrigation system – and yes, you drag yourself outta bed, still hating yourself for going to bed late, but excited about the great weekend you are having, the fun day that is coming up, and the icicles to look at. It takes a short walk outside – wearing just a sweatshirt – to almost fully wake up: the cold outside does not welcome those who don't get enough sleep.
You come back to the house, eat a couple of pancakes which seem like the best pancakes in the whole world, with a big smile drink a cup of coffee in the hope of warming up and staying awake, and sit in front of your computer, thinking how awesome of a morning you've had, and how much more fun this day will be.


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