A Melting Spring Mess

Today is kinda crappy. And the fact that it's "kinda" crappy, makes it even more crappy. You wake up in the morning/afternoon, feeling like you haven't slept a minute even though you slept for like 10 hours. Then you go outside, and yesterday's Christmas wonderland turned into a melting spring mess, miserably lit by a spring-looking setting sun.
When you finally reach your favorite cofee house, and order some delicious food, your life does not seem as miselable anymore, but then you are done with food, and you face a past due lab report that you need to write, and an upcoming final that you need to study for, and the realization that everything that melted during the day, will turn into a people-hating skating rink by the evening- and your life once again drowns in a pool of unfortunateness.


Allergic to life?

Middle of the week. I am in a miserable allergic state of mind – and body. Runny nose affects my brain, and the latter one refuses to think and tries to command my body to attempt to conjure a blanket from air so that I could hide in it from the world and then disappear with the blanket like those wizards do in their robe – and appear somewhere on a little quiet island without allergens or classes anywhere in sight.
And of course you end up going hiking for your lab, which makes you more tired and increases your allergies, and kicks your brain out to the point where you don't remember what those plants are called. And then, just when you think the fun is over – you get handed a rose made of condoms by some random representative of healthcare services, which makes it all awkward to walk down the hallway because you inevitably feel like everybody is staring at you even if they don't.
And then you want to take a nap, but you don't wanna bother – so you lay down on your bed without taking off your boots, and start typing random stuff – when suddenly your phone scares the crap outta you because you set a rattlesnake ringtone for your facebook alerts.
And the day isn't even half over…

My first day of class. Bleh!

Well, the first day of class is over. I am sitting in my pajamas eating delicious ramen noodles in the dark scared that I'll spill it all over my keyboard.
Today was crappy. I woke up ways before my class started – feeling the annoying allergies in my throat and the horrible cold in my bedroom. Hot shower and hot tea fixed it somewhat, but I was really not enthusiastic to go to class. I just did not feel ready and/or excited. The only thing about the dorms that I miss (and that I would have hated if I still lived in the dorms) is all the people who start moving around in the morning and give you this feeling of "Those people are going to class. I wanna go to class too!" It was seriously weird to leave a quiet apartment on a quiet morning. And so was the feeling of being one of very few upper-classmen in an almost all-freshman group at my first class.
However, the quietness of my morning helped me focus on my classes better instead of running around and freaking out about too much assigned work. I did a much better job of just taking the whole thing one step at a time, submitted my first-day assignment, got back to my house, had a snack and went to sleep.
Taking a long nap made me realize that I am in a pretty good shape for working my night shifts again, which made me feel better; and going to walmart got me to see that I am getting much better at organizing my shopping lists than I used to be.
It still feels like it was a very tiring and exhausting day even though it really wasn't. Actually, writing this makes me realize that this day was as much of a bad day as it was a good day. It has been the worst and the best first day of class I ever had. The good side – it was definitely different from any other frist day of class I had before. The bad side – it was surprisingly ordinary – literally a whatever day.
Right now I am torn apart among being excited for the new semester, being happy that it's finally fall and the weather is gonna be cool, looking forward to December to be here already, and wanting this semester to last as long as possible.
Well, I guess, it's not necessarily a bad start!

My random weekend

Hello world, there I am again – with more of my boring and random exciting writing for you, dear non-existent readers.
I really don't feel like writing tonight, because I feel like I kind of lost my ability to express my feelings about amazing simple things in life, which flooded my weekend to the point where it's sad that this weekend is over.
My weekend started Thursday night, because as a very irresponsible student I slept through my Friday classes in order to show how responsible of a student I am… ^^ … and I got a three-day weekend, which was a great thing, especially considering the summer weather outside.
During this weekend – and actually the whole week – I've done lots of fun stuff that I haven't done in a long time, or ever. No, I didn't learn how to fly an airplane. But during the week I ended up realizing that I have time both to do homework and hang out with friends, while earlier I was pretty sure that I had time for neither, because I was dumb. The highlights of the weekend were starting to work at my new cute- gross-colored blanket, cleaning some part of my room, walking around town, riding my bike, cooking a delicious lunch for breakfast, and yeah, WALKING BAREFOOT!!! I probably forgot to mention a thousand other things, but you get the idea.
And there we go. If I hadn't lost my ability to express my feelings about amazing simple things in life, I would have written here about my Saturday walk with Italian soda – but I don't feel like I can write anything particular about it, plus I am tired, and that certainly does not contribute in a good way to my ability of self-expression through writing.
Anyways, since I am almost falling asleep, soon my writing will start to look like that: asldfkja;oweibadkvalndfiae.
In order to prevent that, I'll wish you all guys good night and a happy Monday – and then will go to sleeppppppp…….. a;sldkjfaoweinaoi
……….oops….. told ya……..