Be happy, people.

It's Christmas Eve now. Tomorrow is Christmas, and then there is New Year's in a week, and then Epiphany for those who celebrate it. There is one thing I want to tell you this holiday season. Be happy, people. I know, life is crap, and crap falls on everybody's heads in enormous amounts every day and succeeds at making you all unhappy. But that's not the point. Be happy despite it. Find one thing you can smile about this holiday season – no matter how little or how big, how important or how stupd. Be it a new car, or a smile of a friend, or a joke you heard on the radio – let that thing outweigh the crap that is bringing you down. Then smile into the face of that crap, and remind it – and yourself, that even though that crap is there and will not necessarily go away – you are a strong and capable human being who can kick its butt and enjoy life. Let yourself be happy. You deserve it.
Happy Holidays, people.