The Weird Morning

There are different kinds of morning. The one when you wake up at 7am +- and wondering how come you are not dead yet because you are feeling as close to that as an alive human being can – the normal morning. The one when you wake up late at night and it's already dark – then you regret losing your day – the upside down morning. And the one when you wake up between evening and afternoon – then you feel like you don't know where you are at – it feels like you woke up too late and too early at the same time – the weird morning. You feel like you got too much sleep. You feel like you did not get enough sleep. You feel guilty in front of yourself for sleeping in and for sleeping not enough. You don't know where that much light comes from, yet wondering why it is not sunrise.
So you just stare at your computer hoping your day to start make any sense. And sure it does not. It never does. Eventually you come to the point where you just don't care and get off of your butt to get ready for a social obligation you gotta show up at – forcing yourself to eat, to make your hair look not like morning hair – and being thankful for the social obligation to make you move around.
Good mornaftevenoon everybody!


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