There will be running water, they said.

Oct 6th., evening.
I got home to a sign on the door saying, there will be some pipe changing going on in the building Oct. 7th, which may cause some fluctuations in the quality and quantity of my running water. The running water would be fine again at midnight on that day. Okay, not a big deal.

Oct 7th., morning.
My morning shower was terrific. And ice cold. Did someone say cold showers are healthy? Okay, fine. But maybe, just maybe, beautiful rust-color water is not particularly healthy. Things like rust and dirt might be useful elsewhere, but probably not in my skin care routine. And in my stomach, for that matter.
Putting a small portion of the orange running water through my filter, which is probably not intended for the use in a harsh environment like this one, and heating the water up and adding some coffee helped me forget what I was drinking.
Okay, now there is hope for a shower in the evening.

Oct 7th., evening
There was a little hot running water and a little cold running water coming from the pipes. I started a load of laundry. Then they shut off the cold water. The washer uses water from that pipe.
I decided I wanted to take a bath, but yeah, I can’t take a bath in scolding hot water. Yeah, I also cannot put it in my filter, because noone puts hot water in a water filtering pitcher.
By this time the washer drained and remained full of wet clothes with soap on them.
Now there was cold water coming out of hot water pipes, and not a huge amount of it, and I had nowhere to collect it. I am poor and all I have is a small pot and a plastic bucket.
And then they shut off all water, and there was just a water bottle to drink from.
Yeah, here’s to my plan to wash the kitchen floor.

Oct 8th., morning
5.40 am. No water. Wet clothes in the washer. Yesterday’s tea. I can’t trust them, they promised water at midnight. Yeah, no shower.

Oct 8th., morning for most people
I am at work telling my boss I need to work from home to watch the house, and to take care of my multiple unfortunate circumstances, including having to watch the taps so that I would not flood the neighbors if the taps are not turned the right way, and so that the neighbors would not flood me.

Oct 8th., afternoon
I get to work from home for the first time in my life. Also, SHOWER!! And they shut off the water right after I collected some water in the bucket to wash down the pee and the poop in the toilet.

Oct 8th., end of work day
My plan to do some exercise fails, as I would be stinky and sticky and there is this no shower thing, which normally increases the stinky and the sticky.
I move my wet laundry out of the washer into the bucket – one of the two containers I own that are able to collect water.

Oct 8th, evening, 8:40pm
I’m in the store buying water, and building plans on how I will use this water wisely – one bottle to clean myself tomorrow before work, probably using my tiny pot as a shower, and the other one to consume for my survival.
On my building’s door I see a note saying, there will be water at 22 pm.

Oct 8th, evening, 9pm
I come home, I put the water bottles down, I hear water exploding from the pipes in the toilet. Perfect timing.

Oct 8th, 9:22 pm
The water in the toilet tank proves to be an effective way to wash down poop and pee in the toilet. I still question the effectiveness of ice cold showers in achieving a healthy mind and body.

Oct 8th, 9:23
STILL. NO. HOT. WATER. They have exactly 37 minutes… 36…. And they’d better be truthful in their note this time.

Oct 8th, 9:42
The writer was seen disappearing behind the bathroom door. There were happy screams heard. And running water.