Phone and shoes

Looks like it’s my post #100 and I’m writing it from my new phone that I just got today. My life feels surreal these days, so finally getting a phone is nice – I can maintain at least one of my old habits of browsing the internet from my phone, which makes me feel more comfortable.
* For those who don’t know for whichever reason, I just got from the United States, where I went to school for a few years, to Russia, which is my home country. *
As of now, I am stuck without my laptop due to the absence of a plug converter, so the only other technology to access internet was my parents computer, that works slower than the phone. So having a phone is nice in every way. It’s just sad my phone does not play Skyrim.
I also got new shoes today – because I needed some – and let me tell you guys, it’s really nice to have dry feet and not have to worry about slipping on ice. * happy dance *


Last year’s resolutions

Here’s my last year’s ideas/resolutions and where they got me in 2013. Wrote that a while ago and should have posted it earlier, but since I did not, I’m posting it now.

1. I have always wanted to get a guitar and learn how to play – so I want to do it this year.
Well, I got a guitar and learned a few songs. It was fun and will be even more fun.
2. I need to start working out more – both for the good mood and for the body endurance and strength, and maybe lift some weights.
Emm.. that did not go that well… But I worked out for about four months, and have a better idea of how to work out.
3. Eating. Cooking and eating. At least two times a day. I tend to skip meals, which should happen less often
I tried. I think I failed to get good, but I got a bit better at making sure I am fed than I used to.
4. Do some more experiments with my hair – mostly colors, maybe styles.
I’ve done red/brown, I’ve done dark red/brown, I’ve done purple and black and red/purple highlights, and at the end of the year I had had dark purple, black, and gray/brown. I think I did good on this one – at least with colors! I did not play with styles as much.
5. Write at least once a week in my journal.
Once a week did not happen, but I started writing more regularly than I used to. At least when I remember.
6. Doing more crocheting – and more complicated crocheting projects, and maybe learn knitting.
Yeah, there were some attempts – an unfinished doily, and I just started a granny square blanket – not sure if I’ll finish it, but I know how to make granny squares now.
7. Clean my house – and keep it clean.
Emmm… I say, my house got cleaner than it used to be. Anyone seeing it would still say it’s a mess.
8. Draw something every once in a while.
Fail. I think I drew something just once or twice this year.
9. Learn how to manage my time better.
I got better than I was, I had times where I would totally suck at managing time, and I had times when I was great. My summer was the highlight of efficient time management, and so was the end of the semester.