Food rant: Vegetarian?

It has been a challenge for me to get used to nutrition in a different country – different prices (normally, higher), different food standards (normally, lower quality), and different food choices make eating confusing and force me to do a lot of experiments (that often turn out to be a failure) – so I’ve been considering to go vegetarian. Now, I would not do that to protect animals, or thinking that it’s healthier (I honestly believe that a varied diet is healthier than vegetarian) – but in my case it could be healthier, cheaper, and something fun to do.

Buying meat is really problematic – out of the few times that I could afford meat, there was no time that my meat smelled fresh (the meat had at least two more days before it expired). A couple times it was okay – and a couple of times it went to the trash. Out of the times, that I got good meat – I did not find it tasty whatsoever. It was kind of disgusting (Yay to being used to high life standards). There is a wide selection of things like somersausage – but those things are expensive and not healthy as they contain too much fat (even for me – I never care about fat contents), and sometimes they come smelling bad too.

Looking at vegetarian products – there is always lots of produce and it’s easy to tell if it’s fresh or not, and it does not have too many pesticides on it (from what I heard). There is also a big selection of grains that could be fun to cook and that are really cheap. Produce is fairly expensive – but I don’t mind that if I can eat a quality product. Also, there is a high selection of dairy products and cheeses – and you can find high quality items for a good price. Eating quality non-meat things makes me feel better and healthier than bad meat (yeah, I just sad that, lol).

Lastly, I have always thought that cooking vegetarian dishes is more fun, because a limited amount of ingredients makes you think of cooking differently, and forces you to be more creative.

One thing, I do like seafood and fish, and it can be found here in fair quality. Maybe I could just exclude meat out of my diet. I’m tired of wasting money on bad or low quality meat that could have been spent on something that I can actually eat.

To the tagged people or anyone else vegetarian/vegan: any advice?

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