An evening of life

Life is a weird thing. It makes you happy when you are at your worst, and keeps you bored when everything is alright. Good night everyone, and welcome to my evening. The evening, perfect for sitting on the back porch and drinking some kind of a warm, or a sparkly alcoholic, drink, while watching the sunset at the end of a warm summer day. Only I wish it was summer and I had a back porch. Then I could be sitting there, enjoying a warm breeze, thinking of life – mine and others, and trying to come up with philosophical explanation of existence. But it’s not summer. And I don’t have a back portch. However, the alcoholic drink thing needs to be fixed sometime this week, because that has been the most beautiful and relaxing thing I could think of starting last weekend – a quiet drink in a bar. It feels like that’s all I need right now. Life got so boring and so busy at the same time, that I can’t wait for that chance to slow down for a couple hours and relax, staring at a glass full of my favorite drink – and smiling because I am alive, while remembering that my life is kinda the only thing I have – and, how much, and how little it is at the same time. Cheers, people.



“I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell” :D

Yawn, stretch, and smile – that’s how I found myself reacting to my today’s alarm that went off at 6 a.m. I doubt that I have ever woken up like that. I finally got enough sleep and the week is almost over. Today I am coming back to my normal work schedule – which means, I will be getting more sleep and will have more time for homework, for fun activities, and for important stuff – meaning, I will be much less stressed out than I was last week. That’s exciting.
Walking to class was the part that I did not enjoy much because the weather drastically changed from spring sun with 50 degrees Farenheit of delightful warmness to the beginning of a snowstorm. I do prefer clouds over the sun, but I am definitely not excited about putting on more layers of clothes before going to my afternoon class than I did in the morning. The snowfall is getting more intense by the minute, and the Farenheits are slowly crawling down. This all will probably create a pretty impressive scenery in a couple of hours, but I really wish that I could enjoy the scenery without feeling like I’m gonna freeze. Oh well I guess. The winter is not over yet – spring weather just made me forget about it – and now it’s time to go find my winter clothes and start having fun.
For me – and those who are not having fun yet: Matchbox Twenty – Unwell. Also: Yellowcard – Paper Walls.

First week of class: random impressions.

It’s a quiet, dark, and pointless night of a pointless week. And three days of classes to go. The fun started with me trying to get ready for school and screwing up my schedule, which will not be able to go into routine until next week because at the moment I am sorta combining the break schedule with the school schedule, which does not work that well – and there is really nothing I can do about it.

I don’t remember much of last week – except for Sunday, which was very busy with me trying to work out, then walking, celebrating eastern Christmas eve with a friend, then seeing some friends at a country swing dance – all of that was lots of fun. Also, I got to hold a puppy for the first time in my life. He was a tiny chocolate-colored dog, shivering because of how scared he was. But he was warm, and smelled like a dog. It was incredible to hold someting so small, warm, and alive.

Then there was Monday, and it was bad because of how spread out my classes are. Some of them are fun, but most of them will be very stressful. But it was great that I got to see my friends. And I still found time to make it to the gym, which was fun. Then there was a nap and a night shift – and 15 hours of sleep after – and of course I had to wake up after the gym was closed, so I missed my workout. And now, it’s just the beginning of Wednesday of a very miserable week – but indeed, “happiness is a warm puppy”: at the moment, the memory of holding a little warm doggy is one of the few things that is able to make me smile.

Where did the break go?

It is a weird feeling when I realize that my Christmas break just started – but somehow, most of it has already passed and I get to face new classes, new teachers, and new classmates just in a few days. On top of that I am presented with a challenge of going from my preferred upside down schedule of night work and 8am-5pm sleep to normal schedule with waking up early and going to bed in the evening.

I don’t know where my break went. I had some good times, some bad times, got some rest, and had some fun. I accomplished some of the things I planned for the break including eating more, getting enough sleep, getting my hair cut and dyed, cleaning my house somewhat, doing laundry, getting some rest, relaxing, and walking. I did not do as good taking care of my plants, but none died, and overall they look happy, so I don’t think I have anything to worry about. I started on a couple of crocheting projects and they will keep me busy for a couple more weeks until they are done.

I got to see some people I haven’t seen for a while. I even got drunk on one of my nights off – which was relaxing and fun – but provided for a long and annoying hangover. I got to meet some new people, and learned more about those I already knew. I reevaluated my life somewhat, and what I thought was meaningful or not. I don’t know where that will go yet, but it was a good start to making my life better.

And now, when school starts, it will be nice to see all my friends again, meet new people, and have something to do with my time – even though I am less than excited about homework. I also have a few plans on how I will be speding my free time, so that should help. Among the things I want to be doing are my New Year thoughts – and just random things I like or want to do: learning guitar, working out, crocheting, walking, writing, and learning more about myself – and coming up with a list of fun stuff I’ve never done before, but need to for the reason of it contributing to my personality. Oh yeah, I need to make a tote bag for my crocheting stuff so that I would not have to carry my yarn to work in a walmart bag… lol!



lilnotes moved!

This is an announcement to anybody who knew that my blog was on
I was slowly getting annoyed by because of how slow it was working, and then a friend told me I should try WordPress, and so I did. The main thing for me is that it works faster, while it looks like it has almost everything livejournal had, and more. I was excited that I could transfer my entries from livejournal to wordpress without much of a hassle.
So, here it is, everything from my old blog, on a new address – you can access it on Sadly, wordpress did not have “lilnotes” domain open, so I had to come up with something similar, which I was at first unhappy about – but I like what I have now.
As for my old blog – I will not be posting there anymore, but it will be probably available for a while, and then I will delete it.

For those who don’t want to remember any of it – just look for my new posts shared as Facebook status updates. I will be posting all the entries in the new blog.

Resolutions and thoughts.

It's the New Year, so everybody is talking about New Year resolutions and year's conclusions and what not. I don't think I ever made any New Year resolutions except for once two years ago. I remember only a few of those, one of which was writing something every day – which, after two years, I achieved somewhat – I am not writing every day, but I keep a journal and write a few times a month. I'm kinda proud of myself.
As resolutions don't normally work for most people, including myself, this year I think I will do a list of inspirational ideas – not promises to myself or resolutions, but more so things that I have always wanted to do, things I think are necessary or good for me. This way, I'll have something to go off of instead of trying to be perfect and failing.

So, there we go, my ideas of making my life better:
1. I have always wanted to get a guitar and learn how to play – so I want to do it this year.
2. I need to start working out more – both for the good mood and for the body endurance and strength, and maybe lift some weights.
3. Eating. Cooking and eating. At least two times a day. I tend to skip meals, which should happen less often.
4. Do some more experiments with my hair – mostly colors, maybe styles.
5. Write at least once a week in my journal.
6. Doing more crocheting – and more complicated crocheting projects, and maybe learn knitting.
7. Clean my house – and keep it clean.
8. Draw something every once in a while.
9. Learn how to manage my time better.

Eh… I don't think I wanna think of any more. I have yet to write my last year's conclusion – and maybe I will, when I have enough inspiration for that.