Imagine the world was inside out

Imagine the world was upside down – or, better say inside out. Then we would think of the round Earth as an unrealistic opposition.
We would go to school, and want to study, and it would be hard for us to resist doing homework, and we would get A's for slacking.
The world would function during the night, and would be quiet during the day.
Men would be women, and women would be men, and all the people would walk on their heads and ears and see with their feet.
We would hate going to a bar and love going to work. We would drink beer at work, and aimlessly stare at our e-mail accounts while at the bar.
Standing would be the fastest way of moving as opposed to the slowest – flying on an airplane.
We would love eating fruit, but it would not be healthy, so everybody would eat the healthy McD's junk food.
We would think of silence as music, and of music as senseless silence.
Everyone will love taking a shower, but the shower would make you dirty, so you would have to take effort to avoid it.
Cows would eat you, and you would eat mountain lions.
Backwards would mean forward, and forward would mean backwards.
Everybody would not be himself/herself, but rather everybody else would represent this person, while the person would represent everybody else.
Darkness would be light, and light would be darkness.
Church would be sin, and the evil would be proper.
People would kill for fun, and hug to hurt others.
Life would mean curse, death would mean fulfilment and happiness.
Having too much or too little would be great, having just enough would be wrong.
Babies would be smarter than their parents, and become stupid as they age.
A book would be a sign of stupidity, and staring at a TV would make you smarter.
Silence would mean communication, communication would mean mistreating others.
War would be quiet and blissful, peace would bring unhappiness.
You would not want love, you would want pain.
Your eyes would look inside instead of outside and would have a vague idea of what's out there.
Reality would be fake, and imagination real.
You are now thinking that you just imagined this, I just told you what's real.