New food thoughts: salsa, jalapenos, and pretzels

So the other day I was at Walmart and saw something that was called "Pretzel Crisps – Jalapeno Jack". They looked totally delicious and I was in the mood of trying new things, so I decided I wanted to get them. There was a serving suggestion on the pack, showing fresh salsa with the chips, and so that very second I decided that I have to find this kind of salsa. Yes, I know, advertising got me – but I was looking for some snack anyways, so getting food was not a bad idea. That did not take a long time, and soon I was at the check-out with the chips, marketside fresh-cut salsa from the veggie department, and a few more things. When I came to work that night, I was tired and not feeling well and did not want to eat anything – except, werdly enough – the salsa and the chips. The salsa and chips were delicious, successfully complimenting each other: salty, dry, fresh-jalapeno-and-cheese smelling chips – and juicy, freshly made saltless hot salsa. Divine. I never did like chips and salsa – not that I did not eat them before, but I never had any fascination with this particular snack. Food is food. But now I think I found my perfect combination of the best chips and the best salsa.
P.S. The now empty box of salsa says my salsa included tomatoes, onions, jalapeno peppers, serrano peppers, garlic, cilantro, and lime juice – which will be remembered by my brain for the purpose recreating the masterpiece by myself. Of course, the new-found delicious jalapeno jack chips will not be forgotten and will be honorably accompanying my salsa.


Time to relax!

So there's the Thanksgiving break. Yay. Congratulations to those who are excited about Turkey, Christmas trees, sleeping in their own bed, and getting yelled at by lovely parents! You will finally get a few days of your heaven.
A few hours after the classes are done, the dorms are empty and I am sitting here listening to old music and working – making sure that ghosts don't attack the remaining students on campus. I had already a few miserable hours earlier this day, but now it suddenly all went away and I feel like I am finally getting to do what I want: as the last students are leaving the dorms, I am exposed to an almost completely quiet dorm, having the whole lobby all to myself – to relax, think, and enjoy a few stressless hours surrounded by the blanket of Matchbox Twenty Pandora Station. And somehow the song comes up, and the verse blossoms in my head: "If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?" It is not related at all to neither to the station, nor to my mood – but somehow this song is insanely sad and hopeful at the same time.
So I have a long night shift. I could watch Dollhouse – a totally boring, but for some reason interesting TV-show, I could play minecraft – that is, in case I find a mouse, or I could work some more at my unhappy and unsuccessful NaNoWriMo novel. Or I could do neither. Or! I could do homework!
The best part of tonight is, at the end of the shift I will get sleep – as much as I want to, unlimited, I will not have to wake up to go to class. So I get to relax – and look forward to more rest.
I remember my Christmas break my Sophomore year. It was really cold. Now to think of it, I remember my Thanksgiving my Sophomore year too. And it was cold too. I don't remember much of Junior year off of top of my head. But it was cold. And now it's warm. Somehow does not feel right. But I have netflix and minecraft. Those should fix it.

A draft from long ago

You don't realize how much crap life is until you realize that it, indeed, is. Good evening everyone. It seems I am getting into a habit of writing on my crappiest evenings. Well then, I see that part of my unhappiness were shoes and socks on my feet and now that they are gone – I am feeling a bit better.
Ok, what's next?… Yes, something related to tea and music. Or maybe apple cider. But I am too lazy for that, so just music. Yeah, have I ever told you that Matchbox Twenty is a bunch of genius people? If not, you should check them out. Amazing band.
I want to wake up tomorrow and see snow. And run around and catch snowflakes with my mouth and be happy. I used to be like that. Like a little happy kid which I have never gotten a chance to be.

Fall is here!

It's a very cold cloudy morning. I woke up an hour earlier than I should have. Just for the heck of it. No. The intention was to do homework – but, you know, who cares about homework. So I am making myself some tea and listening to music.
Hot shower, fall clothes, tea, and a blanket. I think I've been looking forward to that kind of morning since the start of the school year. And now it's there. And it's not just amazing, it's twice as amazing as I expected it to be because I'm sitting here and relaxing at the time when I would usually hurry to get ready and run around the house. It's a good thing I got myself to get out of bed early. And now I am sitting and looking at the clock and treasuring every minute of this slow and beautiful morning.
Yes, so it's fall. And since it's fall, there's that: I wanna make one of those these days. Maybe not as amazing as those instructions say. And maybe not from a real pumpkin. But it will still smell like a real pumpkin pie – or close enough.
Random thought. As I am sitting here doing nothing, I am realizing that I will come to class and I won't be dead tired or feeling like I just got dragged out of bed and about to go back to my pillow. Or maybe I will, even more so, because I got one hour less sleep than I could have. We'll see. Right now it's just a slow and amazing morning and I should probably go outside to see how cold it is in order to decide what kind of jacket I want to wear – and then get ready and head to class.
Hope you people have a good morning!

Fall, leaves, and hot cocoa

I want fall. You know, that time when you get to hate and love mornings because they are so cold. When it is fascinating outside because you get to run in the rain and walk on crunchy leaves and look forward to getting back to your house and drinking hot chocolate. When the sun is so beautiful, yet sad-looking. When you get to wear your hat and sweatshirt, and come to class with a big mug of very hot coffee that sitll does not feel hot enough. When you get to sit on your couch wrapped up in a blanket and watch the rain while the sky is getting dark and the orange street lights replace the sun. When it's so miserable outside you hate it – yet you think it's the most amazing weather ever. When you constantly feel happy-sad just because of bittersweet weather, yet never want it to be over. And even though it's still warm outside, you still start feeling this last part and smiling because it's the best feeling ever – and because it will get even better soon.

A Summerfall Evening

So it cooled off a bit finally. You go outside and you feel that you can breathe and it's not even the middle of the night. It is even kinda chilly. I'm gonna go get a blanket. There. Now I'm warm.
I'm sitting on my porch and thinking that I should google how to clean stains off of it.
It's really beautiful out. And I spent the whole day inside. Why would I do that? Meh. Good that I got outside eventually.
The sky is pretty. It is not completely dark yet, so i can see purplish-grey coulds floating in the light bluish-pinkish sky. Yesterday I was in one of them. Last night I was trying to fall asleep, and I imagined that my bed is a big cloud floating slowly in the dark night sky. It made me feel happy and free.
I'm listening to Iron and Wine Pandora station and enjoying the slow evening. Beautiful evening. The cool and refreshing wind keeps slowly carrying the clouds and brings campfire smell. Campfires. I don't think I've been to one this summer. I probably grew up. I was working and taking care of my household – and became a boring adult. Well, maybe the start of school will change that. However, if it will – it will only in part – because I did grow up and I don't mind it – I just need to not forget how to be crazy.
However what I am doing now is a completely boring old-people thing – I am sitting on my porch, wrapped in a blanket, listening to music, drinking tea and writing in my journal. Dreaming of campfires and scary stories, lots of blankets, guitars and teary because of the smoke eyes. I do doubt that I will be feeling that adult when school starts. Or maybe I will. It is a new and interesting – but not bad – feeling. I kinda like it.
Now the clouds are lighter than the sky – probably lit my rising moon. And it got even colder. It's not really cold – but in comparison to the hot weather of the summer, now is a jacket weather.
The lawn is lit by orange light which I am not sure what I think about. I like it and I don't. It's warm and orange, which is nice. But it's annoying at the same time.

It’s Friday!!!! ….. the 13th….. YAY!

Fist of all, the title was changed from a totally random "Colors and transparency" to the title this post has now.
Second, I am having my lunch break. That means, I get to eat food – which is very important when you work outside – and very complicated when you don't have clean dishes.
Third, lunch breaks go by too fast, and that's the reason they suck – even though they are still awesome.
Fourth, this lunch break has been fun – I discovered a new song, and watched a few minutes of a glee episode.
Fifth, today is Friday. Yay!
Sixth, it's Friday 13th. Emmm…. Also yay!
Seventh, I still have 10 minutes of the break to spare.
Have a good Friday everybody!

A star in the blue blue sky

I am looking at a star in the blue blue sky. The star is little to the point of being elusive and it takes time to find it again if I take my eyes off of it. As I was looking at the star, something ran into the roof of my house – probably a little bat – or a big moth. As I am looking away, I see a pine sparkle under the street lights – a sprinkler nearby created raindrops on pine needles. They now shine like silver sparkles on a robe.
The music coming from the laptop is making the evening more amazing – yet making me tired. The crickets seem to be combining with the music and creating a special, almost sacred, evening tune.
The star got brighter – even though it still takes time to find it again. It is in a very weird location in relation to me, so I have to twist my head around to see it.
A gust of cool wind. A sip of warm water. You get a nice feeling of drinking hot chocolate in winter.
I am thinking I haven't relaxed like that in a long time.
The crickets stopped. They really did, and it is weird. The wind is getting stronger and I am thinking of getting myself a chair, because I don't really like sitting on the hard surface of the earth.
My laptop is gonna die soon, and it's sad.
I just saw something that looked like international space station. But it wasn't. It was too big and produced noise. It was an airplane. I normally hate airplanes, But I did not hate this one.
I'm listening to the kind of music I don't normally listen to. R'n'B sort of thing. But I really like it right now. Goes well with a slow laid back evening.
The sky got darker and the star got even brighter. Some more stars appeared. The diamonds on the pine tree became brighter. Silhouettes of the trees on the west are now completely black, and on the background of dark-blue sky, almost invisible.
Another gust of wind. Time for me to get back to my movie – and get some more hot water – and get off of here and do something else.
Night all!

Free spirit.

Got to run on the grass under the rain. Barefoot. And look into the sky. Got to see people I haven't seen for one thousand years. Crossed half of the town barefoot, taking my time to jump on puddles. Lay on the grass and smiled at the clouds. When was the last time I did any of that? How the heck did I manage to forget how to be crazy and do fun stuff like nobody cares? And how did it just come back in one day? And that all happened with only two hours of sleep last night – instead of the planned "going to sleep early this evening".
Well, looks like I am still the good old me, the me I managed to become in the last three years, and somehow managed to forget about in the last year. Well, now I guess I just gotta make sure to take a break every once in a while – and catch up with myself, and the crazy me that I seem to be forgetting about.

“We’re still flying”

"- We're still flying.
– That's not much.
– It's enough."
Firefly (c)

Morning, morning, rainy morning. I am wondering if, since my laptop is the color of water, it will protect itself from getting water in all of its hardware, as opposed to my camera, which actually did get water all over because of my photoshoot yesterday evening. Yesterday was the first time I picked up my camera in a long while. The first pictures on my SD card date back to fall, and there is only very few of them, and then death – until yesterday. My evening included a dilemma between sleep, food, taking pictures, homework, and minecraft. Apparently, the urge to go run under the rain was stronger than my determination to accomplish anything more productive than that, so there I was, sitting on the ground, soaking in the rain with my camera in my hands, and having the fun of my life.
Today is as rainy as yesterday, which is nice, because rain is always nice. The sky is a little bit more gloomy, but I kind of like that, since I don't remember the last time we had that.
My computer is still alive, even though it took a nice fresh shower. I am strangely awake for how many hours I've been awake and for how little caffeine I consumed in the previous 12 hours. I had a nice omelet for breakfast and did not have to stand in a line. The sun does not hurt my eyes since it's hiding, and I'm done with the presentation, and proud of how great of a job my group did. I am not paranoid about my past due assignments, and now PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO PREVENT ME FROM WRITING IN MY BLOG!!!! CRAP!!!! LOL My friends are awesome! 😀

It’s a coffee-and-newspaper kind of morning

Yep, that's right – I'm up early without any particular purpose and have a couple hours before my busy day starts. I'm listening to some cool music, and got my blackberry vanilla tea instead of coffee, and my project instead of a newspaper. Hey, I do have a newspaper, just picked one up yesterday. So I can have a perfect coffee-and-newspaper morning. For a while, then I need to look at my project. 
So how did this morning happen at the first place? Well, I set my alarm for 7am, and managed to wake up at that time. It was not easy, but I didn't seem to want to sleep any longer. It was light outside and seemed like some birds were singing. Then, while walking around my room wrapped up in my blanket, I started thinking whether I am awake enough to do homework, or sleepy enough to go back to bed. Since my answer was neither, I decided that I should make myself some tea, take it slow and just relax for a while.
It's great to be enjoying tea in the early morning – especially when this tea is in a transparent glass – this way you can see all the vibrancy of its color – deep red with a light shade of purple, not visible enough to see that it's really purple, but obvious enough, which prevents me from saying it's just red.
The tea is too hot, so I'm using an old binder as a lap desk, which does not look like a happy event for the binder, because it kinda melting because of the mug on it. Oh well.
What else do people do on a coffee-and-newspaper morning? Well, they write in a blog – possibly – at least that's what I ended up doing instead of reading a newspaper. Check email? Checked both, and luckily, nothing annoying, irritating or painful from my parents. In fact, nothing at all from them, which can be enough to provide for a happy morning.
I think that not reading a newspaper does not really make this morning worse – a coffee-and-newspaper kind of morning is not necessarily that much different from a coffee-and-writing kind of morning, the last one actually being even more exciting.
Now to think of it, I haven't had a morning like that for a long time – I either sleep in till noon or later, or wake up and start doing homework or playing Minecraft – or head out to do some relevant or irrelevant errands. There are no mornings to just sit, enjoy some great music and hot tea while writing something. Minecraft is fun, homework is necessary (and fun sometimes, too), but the coffee-and-newspaper mornings are necessary for me to stay sane in this crazy world.
Now that I am having this coffee-and-newspaper kind of morning, I am realizing that it is, in fact, really important to just sit and relax. And it's time to go get breakfast now!

Look at the icicles!

Oh this sweet morning when you wake up with a mixed feeling of hating yourself for not getting enough sleep, wanting to go back to bed, and wanting to challenge yourself to get through this day like all mortals – and realizing that you really have only one choice, because otherwise you're gonna miss out on all the fun – and nobody would let you do anything else other than staying awake anyways – which is part of the fun.
It takes you no more than two minutes to get out of bed because you are told to go outside and look at the gorgeous icicles on the frozen irrigation system – and yes, you drag yourself outta bed, still hating yourself for going to bed late, but excited about the great weekend you are having, the fun day that is coming up, and the icicles to look at. It takes a short walk outside – wearing just a sweatshirt – to almost fully wake up: the cold outside does not welcome those who don't get enough sleep.
You come back to the house, eat a couple of pancakes which seem like the best pancakes in the whole world, with a big smile drink a cup of coffee in the hope of warming up and staying awake, and sit in front of your computer, thinking how awesome of a morning you've had, and how much more fun this day will be.

My random weekend

Hello world, there I am again – with more of my boring and random exciting writing for you, dear non-existent readers.
I really don't feel like writing tonight, because I feel like I kind of lost my ability to express my feelings about amazing simple things in life, which flooded my weekend to the point where it's sad that this weekend is over.
My weekend started Thursday night, because as a very irresponsible student I slept through my Friday classes in order to show how responsible of a student I am… ^^ … and I got a three-day weekend, which was a great thing, especially considering the summer weather outside.
During this weekend – and actually the whole week – I've done lots of fun stuff that I haven't done in a long time, or ever. No, I didn't learn how to fly an airplane. But during the week I ended up realizing that I have time both to do homework and hang out with friends, while earlier I was pretty sure that I had time for neither, because I was dumb. The highlights of the weekend were starting to work at my new cute- gross-colored blanket, cleaning some part of my room, walking around town, riding my bike, cooking a delicious lunch for breakfast, and yeah, WALKING BAREFOOT!!! I probably forgot to mention a thousand other things, but you get the idea.
And there we go. If I hadn't lost my ability to express my feelings about amazing simple things in life, I would have written here about my Saturday walk with Italian soda – but I don't feel like I can write anything particular about it, plus I am tired, and that certainly does not contribute in a good way to my ability of self-expression through writing.
Anyways, since I am almost falling asleep, soon my writing will start to look like that: asldfkja;oweibadkvalndfiae.
In order to prevent that, I'll wish you all guys good night and a happy Monday – and then will go to sleeppppppp…….. a;sldkjfaoweinaoi
……….oops….. told ya……..

Good morning!

I am starting to have a feeling that those who are saying that a person needs to get 8 hours of sleep per night to survive, are, in fact, right. Yesterday was the first Sunday night in a long time when I got 8 hours of sleep.
I woke up at 7 am today, trying to shut off my alarm, but realizing that I was, in fact, not feeling like I was dying. Good. Smile. Go back to bed and look in the window. Fog? Ehhh. Wait! Fog??? Interesting! Set another alarm and go back to bed.
The second time I woke up was 7.15 am, when my second alarm went off. I started to remember my plans for the morning – and that was to make coffee, to have breakfast, and to remember to take my laptop to class. The thought of coffee got me out of bed, and by 7.30 I was out of my room, with my backpack, laptop, and coffee, still having enough time to get breakfast and not be late for class.
I got to class a little before eight, had time to turn on my computer, sip my coffee and get ready for taking notes. For once I was paying attention in class and remember all the instructor said + taking notes on my laptop was an enjoyable experience.
Now it's time for my second class for today, and for the greatest of conclusions of all times: yes, getting eight hours of sleep at night is, indeed, important.
Have a great day everybody!

The best invention of humanity

I started my today's night shift by pouring myself some hot coffee out of my thermos and snacking on graham crackers. And how it sometimes happens, I realized once again that small things can play a very important role in my life – and today the hero of my night shift was my thermos.

My dad used to take a thermos with tea to work every day. I haven't seen him for a long time, but I remember that about his daily routine. I remember my mom got me a small thermos, I think she brought me tea in it if I had to stay at school after class. I hated that thermos, I still remember its smell – it was a cheap crappy old school thermos, newer than my dad's but of much poorer quality.
Over ten years passed since then, and it's been over a year that I have had my own thermos, a new two-wall vacuum steel 34oz. thermos – the kind my dad would hate since he liked his old school glass insulated thermos.

I got my thermos not long after I started working night shifts – to take hot tea with me to work. So technically, I stole dad's idea. The idea seemed perfect, but it didn't work. I got tired of making tea and hauling the steel bottle around, and I did not like that my thermos lid smelled like peaches, mint, coffee, and green tea all together, however much I washed it. It was much easier to grab a mug and use a microwave at work to make a warm drink. The thermos was just sitting on the shelf for months – until now.

I have always liked instant coffee, and since people I hang out with drink brewed coffee, I came to the point where I could not drink gross instant coffee and decided I need a coffee maker. A couple of months with a craptacular cheap one-cup coffee maker did not make me happy, so about a week ago I got myself a real coffee maker – and that's when my fabulous thermos got a chance to jump off the shelf, especially since my travel mug has been dirty for a few weeks days and should go to trash, and since the thermos is so much bigger and can hold more coffee, and easier to clean than a travel mug.

So yes, right now, I feel like a thermos is one of the best inventions of humanity, because thanks to the thermos, I can take lots of hot freshly brewed coffee to work, and stay warm and awake. 🙂

I think I should name my thermos…