A Midnight Dance

A wild woman. And a wild man. They don’t need each other. They are both free. If they meet each other, they will be friends. If they decide they want each other, they will dance a wild dance, full of freedom and happiness – true happiness, because they will know that each of them is dancing because they want to, not because they need to and can’t escape. They can, and they’ll let each other go if they decide to, but they don’t – that’s because they want to keep dancing, because it’s fun. Each of them is free, powerful, and beautiful. They don’t force each other, they don’t hurt each other – they can’t and they don’t dare to try – because they don’t belong to each other. They are next to each other, dancing their wild dance together.


One thought on “A Midnight Dance

  1. That’s about how a successful relationship goes, yeah.

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