Crazy thoughts of a mad(wo)man

Okay, in the last 24 hours I studied about 11 hours. It is the last day of classes. The last official day of classes. I am feeling happy and evil. (Yes, mine is an evil laugh). I am graduating in exactly a week. In four days is my last day at work. I have to take pictures of my stuff in the house and put it on facebook and chadrad so that I could sell it. It’s been -20F last night. It’s pretty cold. It is a pretty morning and I would like to go take pictures. But it’s TOO COLD for that. I have my last class in my bachelor’s degree in two hours. And then I need sleep. But I don’t want sleep. I feel jittery and excited and I want to get all my homework done. I have only four assignments left, and a couple small things here and there that don’t count. At least not for that purpose. Walking into a bar and drinking a Bailey’s coffee while it’s a freezing night outside – is the most amazing thing ever. I still have to buy a hat and a tassel for my graduation. I am excited for graduation and for Christmas. I am sad that I will have to say most goodbyes at the end of the finals week. I am less worried about airplanes because I have my friends who are there for me. I am really tired. Next week is the finals week. But the finals will be easy. I am wondering if Burkhiser will have snacks during the finals week like they always do. There is just too much stuff, too much of everything. And most of it is exciting. After being done with two main papers that I needed to get done, I am not feeling as stressed out anymore. It’s just too much stuff at once. Most of it is fun. Some of it is not. I want orange juice. Maybe I should go eat at the cafeteria. Food is healthy.


2 thoughts on “Crazy thoughts of a mad(wo)man

  1. You sound overwhelmed.

    I’m going to enjoy this break so much. I’m going to revert to being 12 and playing vidyagaems all day every day, well, when we’re not drinking or playing guitar or something.

    • Yeah, I am a little. Too much homework and too little time. And too little sleep. And too little food. But can’t wait for the break, that’s for sure. And all that stuff sounds fun!

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