Sentence challenge: 5

I used to think that my happiness needs to depend on finding a guy, and that without a guy I am nothing – just an empty and useless half that will never be full. I used to be upset about not being able to find a guy who would be the reason of my existence an who would provide this reason for my happiness. Now I am just sitting and remembering this and feeling bitterly amused at the thought that my parents are the ones who are empty and useless, because no parent should ever teach their girl child this way of a miserable existence and require her to follow it. I am happy now to know that I am only as full and as happy as I decide to be – and the feelings of happiness and content have nothing to do with having or not having a guy in my life. Happiness is something that needs to be found and drawn from within while being alone – and then it can be applied to living in a peaceful and majestic solitude, or brought into a relationship with a partner, who – if he is shining from the inside as much as you are – will contribute to a happy and enjoyable travel called life.


2 thoughts on “Sentence challenge: 5

  1. Finding a partner to complete you is like the reverse of how healthy relationships work anyway. You do the difficult inner work of becoming a complete, confident, whole person by yourself. When you do that, you (and anyone) becomes a fun person to know and hang out with. Sooner or later, someone’s gonna see that, and be interested in you as more than friends.

    But you gotta do that hard shit first. Asking someone else to do it for you, or putting it off because you can ignore it because YAY RELATIONSHIP, is tempting Fate. No, not just tempting Fate… it’s calling up Fate at 3 in the morning so Fate can hear the moans of its sister that you are presently pleasuring in unnatural orifices, and then asking Fate “SO WHATCHA GONNA DO ABOUT IT.”

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