Sentence challenge: 4

A few days ago – after a substantial break – I picked up my guitar again. As I was trying to remember things I practiced last time I played, I found myself being able to switch between chords fairly easily – and I even managed to play a song, which surprised me. I am happy that my brain can remember things well, but I’m definitely annoyed that my fingers are hurting – so I need to practice more in order to not be bothered by them. I also found my capo and made a song notebook (stole my friend Stu’s idea), which will hopefully make my practice more fun.


2 thoughts on “Sentence challenge: 4

  1. It takes a few minutes to write everything out, but it’s really cool to do.

    • yeah, and i don’t have to look up the words and the chords every time i try to play something – and if i write it out in a smart way, i don’t have to flip pages. and that is great.

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