Sentence challenge:3

As I am living my life and getting further away from my unfortunate past, I am realizing how many great people are surrounding me. Yesterday I got to be around and talk to a number of different people, and I gotta say, I am incredibly happy for knowing each and every one of them. Today my day started like complete crap, but again, all day I was surrounded by some amazing people that all made me smile – and reminded me that however crappy life gets, it is nevertheless amazing.


4 thoughts on “Sentence challenge:3

  1. Your sentences are growing longer and more meaningful. We can rehabilitate you. You’re recovering from your case of Facebookitis.

    • yeah actually, i’m starting to feel like there is hope. but – the next one is gonna be hard… 4 whole sentences that are supposed to make sense together and not as a sequence of 2 and 2.
      and.. Facebookitis? really? lol

  2. You’re recovering. There hasn’t been one cat picture yet. ❤

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