Dwelling in my house

Recently I found a new activity – called dwelling in my house. It’s when I come to my house, put on some PJ’s, and just… dwell – using the resources of my house to not be bored. And there are more and more of those. There’s food to be made, guitar songs to be learned, books to be read, plants to be pruned, videogames, stargate, other random shows that I need to catch up with, then there’s facebook, and homework, and there’s also my blog, and just my computer – and an infinite availability of hot drinks like tea and apple cider. And there’s heat and blankets. And curtains. Those are important – they help me hide from the sun. And yes, there’s no people around. Except for my fridge that makes too much noise and does not get beat up just because it is not a person – but then again, no self-respecting person would stand in a corner and not be bored with making a constant rattling noise – or whatever the noise that fridges make is called.

The value of dwelling increases exponentially with really bad weather (which can be snow, or wind, or rain, or bright sunlight, or a combination of those) and with the decrease of my brain’s ability to enjoy being surrounded by people.

Maybe I should stop writing philosophical speeches about dwelling, and go take a nap instead…


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