Welcoming the fall weather: sleep and kindle.

I woke up before the alarm. I WOKE UP BEFORE THE ALARM!!! That means, I got enough sleep – for the first time in a very long time. That makes for a happy morning. While I am still lazy to make breakfast, I made some delicious black tea with honey and half-and-half. It feels like a start of one of those beautiful fall days, and even the sunlight does not bother me.

Yesterday was a day that I barely remember – I know I was worried about homework, and making it to classes. There was too much rain and no power – which was cold, and fun. However, I think i spent most of the last 36 hours sleeping. Or at least it feels like it. Somehow, in that time, I made it to the grocery store and got food, so I don’t have to worry about my survival due to lack of food any more – now it’s just me being scared to clean and cook presents a potential threat. And I also don’t remember if and when I took or did not take my allergy medicine, which means I’m gonna have to opt out for benadryl – an effective thing that hopefully will not make me sleepy because I got more sleep than I needed.

Also, I preordered my Kindle – the new Kindle paperwhite that comes out on September 30th. It was one of the spontaneous decisions I’ve made lately – and the one I’m sure I won’t regret. I’ve been following e-ink technology since high school. I saw e-readers with buttons, and with the first touchscreen that made the text almost unreadable. The background was gray, and the light – if it was built-in – presented difficulties in reading the text and made it huge and heavy. I never thought an e-reader should have buttons, let alone a keyboard, so I always hung around and looked at their development and never saw something worthy of buying. And now I did. And asked myself why I still don’t have one. So I decided to order one. It is also my first time preordering anything – so I’m pretty excited about that. Now I can officially welcome fall, because in a little bit under a couple weeks, on those cool fall days, I’ll be able to curl up with my kindle, some apple cider, blankets – and an exciting adventure to follow. I do like to read. I barely ever do though – because my phone dies too fast, my computer is too big, and… I hate paper books. I am a technology person, who is really excited to embrace the fall and read an interesting stories on a cool piece of technology. My dream from 8 years ago is finally coming true.


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