Slow down and enjoy

As I was wandering this morning around the little town that became my home, thinking about life and enjoying the fresh air, I had an idea: maybe I should challenge myself to write at least something every day. I normally don’t follow through with ideas like that, but when I came home, I decided to type something up since I haven’t written for a while and in the last 24 hours I learned something important, so I figured I can share it with you people.

Yesterday I was getting off work, and I tried to hurry up and pack and get home fast, while thinking how I would need to make food fast, and then go to bed and fall asleep so that I would have enough time to do homework so that etc etc etc…. And then I suddenly stopped and thought: “Why? Why am I rushing somewhere all the time? Why am I trying to hurry? Where?” And then I slowed down. I packed my stuff, took a sip of water from my water bottle noticing how refreshing the water was, and walked home enjoying every step I took. I did not have anywhere to hurry. Most of the times that I am trying to hurry somewhere, I don’t need to. It was a world changing thought for me. The feeling was almost cathartic. I can just relax and enjoy. I don’t have to hurry to do everyday things, or to live my life – after all, I have just one life, I might as well take my time and enjoy every moment.


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