It’s 1:20 in the morning, probably Monday (I can never really know because my night shift worker’s consciousness works more so on a on- or off-work basis rather than days of the week). I was gonna say it’s the middle of summer, but the computer told me otherwise and reminded me that there is less than one month till school starts – not that it ever was over for me in the first place. Yet, I will have two miserable and boring weeks of summer where I’m not gonna have classes, which somewhat looks like a short vacation, though it’s not, because I will still have work, and too much free time. I find that being reasonably busy (not overwhelmingly so) yields more of enjoyably spent chunks of free time than having all the time in the world without the anchor events on my schedule to organize my day around.

So yes, I’ve done lots of fun things this summer, like… walking, and making food, and doing homework, and walking some more, and… Yeah, that looks boring. But that’s just the canvas of my everyday routine (kinda sad that walking is just an everyday routine).

Out of more interesting things, I finally got around to learning guitar (an amazing experience except for and despite fingertips hurting). Really sad I did not do it earlier in my life, but I am happy that I did pick up the instrument and started playing (or trying to play) this summer.

I tried a few kinds of new food. I had pluot fruit for the first time in my life, tried kale, attempted to make sushi. The latter ones did not look good, but tasted amazing. I tried a few other random recipes, and those turned out good.

I rediscovered the beauty of playing video games – which is a very enjoyable pastime when I just wanna have a slow evening. I finally got Skyrim that I’ve been wanting to play for a long time – and I must say, it is a fascinating game.

But summer is not over yet – so I have a few more new things planned. I wanna learn how to ride a long board, I wanna make vegetable soup, and find a hair stylist who knows how to do short haircuts (or maybe I should just give up and go to a barber). I also really wanna have a bonfire – but I don’t think that’s likely to happen – so I’m just gonna have to look forward a cookout with a friend of mine in the near future. Not a bonfire, but still a good time.


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