The unfinished

I’ve noticed that lately I’ve had too many unfinished posts. I get a thought, sit down, open wordpress/word/evernote, start writing, and lose interest/inspiration/drive, and just close the window and go do something else. I don’t know why. It is really weird though. I have a whole bunch of draft posts where I’ve written anywhere from one sentence to a good half of a post and then just walked off. Just like that. And forgot what they were about. Maybe they did not matter that much? Just this morning I remembered a poem I wrote a long while ago – it felt like I wrote it just yesterday. I still feel it. I know it. I don’t remember it, but I remember that I am there, in that poem, all of me.

Where did that inspiration go? The inspiration when I would open my soul, and paint it on the paper, and not even remember how I went from one word to a whole page. The inspiration when I would break down the boundaries of my brain and just write what I feel. The inspiration when I had to doubt my sanity. I’m sad it’s gone. Maybe it will be back the moment I least expect it.


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