Today is all you have.

Everyone lives their life differently. Everyone gives different things different value. People have an understanding of what is good, and what is bad, but that is different for most of them most of the time. Every day you change and grow. Today you think differently than you were yesterday. You have no idea about what future will hold. For some reason, however, all you think about is future, without realizing that by thinking about what is not there, you are missing all you have now. And like that, days go by, and you waste away seconds and minutes and days and weeks, still looking for a sense of life, not realizing you gotta be looking for it in your present and not in the unknown future. Somebody says they have a miserable life, but everyone is jealous of them, when they don’t even see a single good thing in their own life. Somebody thinks they have an awesome life, but then others take pity on them. That does not mean someone’s life is better than the others’. That just means everyone lives differently and thinks differently. Life is a freaking white canvas when you are born. It’s yours while you are here on Earth. From your day one you can be doing with it whatever you want and can. From day one you’ve been drawing your life, what you are, and what others did for you and to you. That also means you have it all right here. Your canvas, your life. No one will every understand what you have been creating on your canvas or what influenced a picture on it. Some people will have respect, and some people will not. Some people are able to do so, and some people are not. Whatever they say or do, your canvas is still yours and will be with you till the end of your days. But it does not matter what they do or think. You canvas is who you are now. You need to learn to love and respect it. And I bet you are just vaguely familiar with it, because you are running from your past into your future that is not even here, bypassing the present when you can be looking at your canvas, loving it, and putting colors on it. You cannot own your future without knowing your past. You need to know and love your past, and use today to live and make a change – because only then can you realize that you are not really tied down by the past. You have a past, so does everybody else. It may be painful, hard, happy, or all of those. None is really good or bad. It’s just what you were exposed to. It is what you are made of. It is what you canvas looks like. You cannot rewrite it. You have two choices – accept yourself or run from yourself – the only person you have to be facing from the day you are born to the day you die. If you accept your canvas the way it looks – you can grab your brushes and draw whatever you like. Anything. Today. Right now. Past is what you are, but it’s gone now. Future is something you can affect, but it’s not here yet. Today is all you have. Today can be anything. You will say that your past affects you, but I’ll argue with you on that one. The past may change your angle or perspective – but you still see the same things and have the same power to create – like you – and every single human – always had and always will. It’s yours. You have this power every day. It’s in your essence. You are made of it. You just need to find strength to face the past, and enough guts to accept that you don’t know the future and it does not matter that much. What you know and have is today. Make the most of it. Live it. That’s what life is for.


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