Eh… blizzard…

Most of us know that it’s warm in spring. Well, apparently Nebraska weather knows otherwise, and today we all get to enjoy a beautiful blizzard – or at least, lots of cold wind and nastiness. I am still stubbornly celebrating spring by eating ice cream instead of nutritious food because I am really lazy to get up and make any good food  because all smart people eat ice cream instead of making healthy food.

With all of that, I am thinking I might as well start listening to Christmas music, because, you know, Nebraska weather knows better what season it is – as do deer that decided to munch on my rose plant to apparently protect it from the approaching blizzard inside their warm stomach. The rose survived, but now, to make it worse, it cannot go outside because of the blizzard. Maybe I should just get out Christmas decorations and put them on my already not-so-happy rose to make it – and myself – believe that it is, indeed, Christmas. The wind and snow would still be painful, but at least it would not feel so wrong to see a blizzard in April.


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