8 hours without internet.

The other day I came to work and, like I normally do, turned on my computer, connected it to the electricity, and checked the network connection. It was the last thing that betrayed my hopes for a good night at work – there was no internet connection and I could not figure out the reason why the network was gone. I, however, shrugged my shoulders and went on with my duties, hoping for the internet to show up eventually. However, it did not, and my heart was sinking at the realization that I was supposed to be stuck at a front desk for 8 hours without Internet
Then the patrol came by to check on me, and, among other things, I learned there was no sense in expecting the Internet connection to establish itself because the network was down. Great. That indeed meant that I would have to spend 8 hours sitting at the front desk without Internet. Having my laptop was pointless at this point because my HDD is almost empty – and the external HDD was at my house, so there was no hope getting it. Among other things, I had no cell phone with me because I had misplaced it and had no idea where it was, I had no food, and had no idea what I would do without internet – be it entertainment or homework – because all those normally come from the internet. Even if they don’t – they have to be accompanied by Pandora. So here I was, facing 8 hours of complete boredom. Crappy, huh?
I started with estimating what I had with me and/or around me that I could use for making my night less painful. After all, people used to live without internet just fine. At that point I was already curious whether I can have fun for 8 hours without internet and was up for the challenge my fate presented me with.
My inventory showed that the front desk could give me a working TV. That was good. At least something. Searching of my backpack yielded a mug, some ramen noodles, tea, coffee, and my water bottle for nuitrition and hydration; a crochet project and a sewing project for fun; and some notebooks for homework and/or writing. The crocheting project did not come with a hook, so that was out of the equation. As for the rest of stuff – by the end of the inventory of my surroundings I was pretty hopeful about the whole surviving for 8 hours without internet thing.
That was the first thirty minutes of my shift. The rest of it was cake – I turned on the TV, took a sip of coffee, laid out my sewing project, and let my creativity flow. I haven’t watched TV in years, and now I got to watch the ending of a cool movie, a few episodes of House, and a few morning cartoons. I ate my ramen. I managed to regulate my coffee intake so that it would last me the whole night. I got half of my sewing project done, and maybe found a new hobby – I don’t really sew on a regular basis. All of those activities were evenly spaced throughout the night – and I was seriously surprised at how organized I was, and how much fun I had. By the end of the night I was in a better mood that I’ve been in weeks, I was far from being miserable physically or emotionally, I was awake, and felt accomplished. I was looking at my stunning sewing project, and thinking that maybe, just maybe, life is a little bit more fun without constantly depending on Internet.


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