A random morning post

I’ve been noticing lately the value of quiet time in my life, and I’ve been realizing that I need much more of it than I think. It is interesting to be suddenly learning facts like this about yourself. I came to the science building and I saw that it’s almost empty – except for an occasional student here and there. Being in a quiet building this early in the morning made me feel peaceful – and almost ecstatic – because it’s so nice and quiet and I can relax my mind.

Earlier this morning, I went out of the dorm after the ending of my night shift, and noticed how warm it has gotten outside. It’s almost the middle of march. A month and a half till summer. A month and a half to catch up with everything I am behind on. It can be done. I know it can be. But whether I will find enough power in myself to do it, and enough love for myself to care about my education – is another question.

Today is a good morning though. I am in a reasonably positive mood, with reasonable hopes to get a little stuff accomplished – as long as my tired body allows me to. I am accepting the world and myself to the best of my ability. It’s not much, but it’s something that I don’t get to feel often. So I am content and relieved – this hour, and maybe even more than one hour, I get to be not bothered by the problems of the past or worried about the future. Instead, I get a mental break from it all – and enjoy the quiet surrounding me now, as well as my good hopes for the day.


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