My journey of growing a rose

March is here and today is the first night when the farenheits did not go below freezing. Most likely there are still lots of freezing nights to come – but still, I’m pretty happy about this night. says today will be really warm. That means, I will put my rose outside in the morning and let it stay there till the evening.

For those who have not heard, around Valentine’s day on a whim I got myself a miniature rose at Walmart. I always had a dream of growing one inside, but as time went, I learned that roses are almost impossible to be grown inside – so this time I just decided to keep it alive until it’s warm inside to get it outside. Having an apartment at the first floor makes the last part easier than it has ever been.

My experience with my rose started with putting the pot at the window and opening the blinds and not watering the rose since it seemed well watered already. That did not work that well, because two days later half of its leaves turned yellow and were falling off. That’s when I learned that normal care does not work for keeping roses inside, and altered my care for the rose using the internet and common sense. At that point, however, I was feeling like I would lose the plant.

My first step was to replant the rose in a big pot with good soil and water it well. Second, I put it under a fluorescent lamp at my house. I watched what it did for a couple of days, while debating whether the plant is strong enough to handle flowers that it had or if I should remove them. The plant stopped getting yellow leaves and started producing new growth. It also seemed to not be able to handle flowers and the flowers were dying off – both the opened and unopened ones, so eventually I removed the remaining yellow leaves and the dying flowers – and got a beautiful, fully green rose shrub. Since then I’ve been keeping in under light 24/7, trying to give it at least a few hours of a dark phase – but it does not seem to be doing well with 8 hours of dark in 24. I’ve also been misting it with water at least once a day, as well as keeping the soil damp.

As the days started to get warmer, with the temperature at least above 40F, I started taking the plant outside for a few hours for it to get sunlight and air circulation around it. The plant appears to like it and I can’t wait when it gets even warmer and I get to keep the plant outside – so that it could grow dark green leaves instead of pale green ones.

So, hopefully, this time my dream comes true and I manage to keep this beautiful plant from the family of Rosaceae not only alive – but also happy – for a long time.

There is the last thing left – I need to come up with a name for my rose. I want to name her Amelia – but I’m thinking it will make the whole project less scientific than it is.


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