Things I Like

Since this night went down to be total crap, I figured I’d write about some things in this life that I like.

Food. Food is amazing. Good food particularly. But sometimes the presence of any food in the house is equally amazing – depending on what point of starvation you are at.

House. It’s amazing to have your own place. You can stay up late, and sleep in, and put things where you want and blast music as loud as you want.

Clean house. Clean house is nice to live in, though not easy for me to achieve. I keep working at it really hard and messing it up most of the times, but I’m slowly getting better.

Working out. That stuff is just plain genius. Moving around makes me more hopeful about my abilities and more confident overall. It is also lots of fun, and makes me stronger – and is a good relief from stress as well as a way to direct negative energy towards something productive.

Good music. You know, the stuff that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Or, say, something that makes you dance even when you don’t want to.

Plants. Those things are insanely cool and weird. You can eat them, feed them to animals to make meat, build from them, look at them, and watch them grow from a seed, a bunch of dirt, and a bit of water and sunlight.

Fresh air. You know, the kind when it’s spring, and a little breeze, and you are wearing a t-shirt and not feeling too cold, but just cool enough to feel the breeze.

Walmart. This place is a drain for money, but sure fun to go to – you can get food there! And candy. And lots more stuff that is not on your shopping list, but you let yourself get it just because you really want to – or are really proud of yourself if you resisted.

A quiet drink. Sipping on one of those in my favorite bar on a slow evening – sitting and thinking about life. Beautiful.

Night shifts. Yeah, I love my job. I love staying up at night.

Planning. This is a recent one. I decided I want some sort of a routine in my life, so I’m trying to create one – or at least organize my days as much as I can. Helps me get more out of the day and have more fun.

Identifying plants. Yeah, again, those buggers. It is fun to learn about how weird they are.

An occasional video game. I am not a huge gamer – but sometimes a good few hours lost in a masterpiece of gaming industry is just all I need.

Free weights. Those are the most fun kind of working out there is. They are awesome. They never let a workout be boring.

Walking barefoot. A beautiful sensation that is impossible to express in words.

Sleep. Closing your eyes after a long day, even if it is only for a few hours, feels amazing.

Tea. A tea bag, some hot water, and a few minutes’ wait while it is brewing. Amazing –  even when all attempts to make life better have failed.


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