An evening of life

Life is a weird thing. It makes you happy when you are at your worst, and keeps you bored when everything is alright. Good night everyone, and welcome to my evening. The evening, perfect for sitting on the back porch and drinking some kind of a warm, or a sparkly alcoholic, drink, while watching the sunset at the end of a warm summer day. Only I wish it was summer and I had a back porch. Then I could be sitting there, enjoying a warm breeze, thinking of life – mine and others, and trying to come up with philosophical explanation of existence. But it’s not summer. And I don’t have a back portch. However, the alcoholic drink thing needs to be fixed sometime this week, because that has been the most beautiful and relaxing thing I could think of starting last weekend – a quiet drink in a bar. It feels like that’s all I need right now. Life got so boring and so busy at the same time, that I can’t wait for that chance to slow down for a couple hours and relax, staring at a glass full of my favorite drink – and smiling because I am alive, while remembering that my life is kinda the only thing I have – and, how much, and how little it is at the same time. Cheers, people.



2 thoughts on “An evening of life

  1. Come down to the Old Main with us this Thursday, sometime around 9:00ish.

  2. Yeah, I was actually thinking Thursday, but I don’t know yet because it depends on how much stuff I will have going on.

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