“I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell” :D

Yawn, stretch, and smile – that’s how I found myself reacting to my today’s alarm that went off at 6 a.m. I doubt that I have ever woken up like that. I finally got enough sleep and the week is almost over. Today I am coming back to my normal work schedule – which means, I will be getting more sleep and will have more time for homework, for fun activities, and for important stuff – meaning, I will be much less stressed out than I was last week. That’s exciting.
Walking to class was the part that I did not enjoy much because the weather drastically changed from spring sun with 50 degrees Farenheit of delightful warmness to the beginning of a snowstorm. I do prefer clouds over the sun, but I am definitely not excited about putting on more layers of clothes before going to my afternoon class than I did in the morning. The snowfall is getting more intense by the minute, and the Farenheits are slowly crawling down. This all will probably create a pretty impressive scenery in a couple of hours, but I really wish that I could enjoy the scenery without feeling like I’m gonna freeze. Oh well I guess. The winter is not over yet – spring weather just made me forget about it – and now it’s time to go find my winter clothes and start having fun.
For me – and those who are not having fun yet: Matchbox Twenty – Unwell. Also: Yellowcard – Paper Walls.


2 thoughts on ““I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell” :D

  1. I got the song reference. The very first CD I ever bought was Matchbox 20’s first album.

    Yeah, the weather sucks but for some reason I like it when the weather sucks. I’m at the Broker writing.

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