lilnotes moved!

This is an announcement to anybody who knew that my blog was on
I was slowly getting annoyed by because of how slow it was working, and then a friend told me I should try WordPress, and so I did. The main thing for me is that it works faster, while it looks like it has almost everything livejournal had, and more. I was excited that I could transfer my entries from livejournal to wordpress without much of a hassle.
So, here it is, everything from my old blog, on a new address – you can access it on Sadly, wordpress did not have “lilnotes” domain open, so I had to come up with something similar, which I was at first unhappy about – but I like what I have now.
As for my old blog – I will not be posting there anymore, but it will be probably available for a while, and then I will delete it.

For those who don’t want to remember any of it – just look for my new posts shared as Facebook status updates. I will be posting all the entries in the new blog.


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