New food thoughts: salsa, jalapenos, and pretzels

So the other day I was at Walmart and saw something that was called "Pretzel Crisps – Jalapeno Jack". They looked totally delicious and I was in the mood of trying new things, so I decided I wanted to get them. There was a serving suggestion on the pack, showing fresh salsa with the chips, and so that very second I decided that I have to find this kind of salsa. Yes, I know, advertising got me – but I was looking for some snack anyways, so getting food was not a bad idea. That did not take a long time, and soon I was at the check-out with the chips, marketside fresh-cut salsa from the veggie department, and a few more things. When I came to work that night, I was tired and not feeling well and did not want to eat anything – except, werdly enough – the salsa and the chips. The salsa and chips were delicious, successfully complimenting each other: salty, dry, fresh-jalapeno-and-cheese smelling chips – and juicy, freshly made saltless hot salsa. Divine. I never did like chips and salsa – not that I did not eat them before, but I never had any fascination with this particular snack. Food is food. But now I think I found my perfect combination of the best chips and the best salsa.
P.S. The now empty box of salsa says my salsa included tomatoes, onions, jalapeno peppers, serrano peppers, garlic, cilantro, and lime juice – which will be remembered by my brain for the purpose recreating the masterpiece by myself. Of course, the new-found delicious jalapeno jack chips will not be forgotten and will be honorably accompanying my salsa.


2 thoughts on “New food thoughts: salsa, jalapenos, and pretzels

  1. Was it salsa or pico de gallo? They’re more or less the same thing, but pico is more just chopped ingredients and not really blended into a sauce so much.

    Either way, next time I make pico I’m gonna try throwing a little bit of garlic powder in it to see what it does.

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