Time to relax!

So there's the Thanksgiving break. Yay. Congratulations to those who are excited about Turkey, Christmas trees, sleeping in their own bed, and getting yelled at by lovely parents! You will finally get a few days of your heaven.
A few hours after the classes are done, the dorms are empty and I am sitting here listening to old music and working – making sure that ghosts don't attack the remaining students on campus. I had already a few miserable hours earlier this day, but now it suddenly all went away and I feel like I am finally getting to do what I want: as the last students are leaving the dorms, I am exposed to an almost completely quiet dorm, having the whole lobby all to myself – to relax, think, and enjoy a few stressless hours surrounded by the blanket of Matchbox Twenty Pandora Station. And somehow the song comes up, and the verse blossoms in my head: "If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?" It is not related at all to neither to the station, nor to my mood – but somehow this song is insanely sad and hopeful at the same time.
So I have a long night shift. I could watch Dollhouse – a totally boring, but for some reason interesting TV-show, I could play minecraft – that is, in case I find a mouse, or I could work some more at my unhappy and unsuccessful NaNoWriMo novel. Or I could do neither. Or! I could do homework!
The best part of tonight is, at the end of the shift I will get sleep – as much as I want to, unlimited, I will not have to wake up to go to class. So I get to relax – and look forward to more rest.
I remember my Christmas break my Sophomore year. It was really cold. Now to think of it, I remember my Thanksgiving my Sophomore year too. And it was cold too. I don't remember much of Junior year off of top of my head. But it was cold. And now it's warm. Somehow does not feel right. But I have netflix and minecraft. Those should fix it.


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