Haters Gonna Hate: Twilight

In the last few days all I heard people talking about was whether they hate of love Twilight. Half of the globe goes crazy jumping all over the place excited about the new movie and grieving that the Saga is over while the other half goes nuts and hates all those who have ever watched Twilight and happy that the Saga is finally over.
I read the Saga a while ago, because I got tired of everybody talking about it all the time and I wanted to know what it was. The reading was a nice pastime. By no means it was the deepest book I ever read – but it was nice to open the book and get lost in the love story for a few hours of my day – like in any other love story.
For a while now I've been thinking there might be no contradiction between lovers and haters whatsoever: the Saga is not a good vampire story describing vampires, and the Saga is a love story. Haters see the first, and lovers see the second – but both points are there!
Haters, please, go read the book and build your own opinion rather than thinking what you are supposed to think because your surrounding says so. Hating something for a good reason can be respected, hating something because you think that something is stupid without getting yourself acquainted with the piece – is, indeed, stupid.
Those who are crazy about Twilight, please, read a few more love stories. There are better love stories out there – and better quality literature. And better quality movies.
Both sides might discover something they never thought of – a proper niche for the Saga. Twilight is neither awesome, nor awful – it is just what it is – a love story. There are thousands of love stories in the world – written or unwritten – and the Saga is just one of them.


2 thoughts on “Haters Gonna Hate: Twilight

  1. As a love story, though, it’s misogynistic, creepy and just downright weird in places. Jacob falls in love with a baby, Edward gives Bella a C-section with his teeth, and Edward comes off as the biggest stalker ever.

    I haven’t really criticized it much lately, if people like it whatever, no skin off my nose. But I don’t think it really works, even just as a love story.

    • well, at least you have a reason to hate it. and yeah. i know that side, and i can see the point of it – but misogynistic love stories exist in life – “love story” here not in a poetic sense.
      on a side note, girls in a misogynistic societies like misogynistic stories…

      however, without being taken out of context, the story is not necessarily as creepy as those points make it seem. i don’t think anybody looks at those points – most fans look at how romantic the whole thing is – dates, the wedding, the guy saving the girl multiple times and whatever else. fans just don’t take it apart and don’t look for stuff that might make the story less awesome – which is why i am saying, it is neither horrible, nor awesome.

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