Fall, leaves, and hot cocoa

I want fall. You know, that time when you get to hate and love mornings because they are so cold. When it is fascinating outside because you get to run in the rain and walk on crunchy leaves and look forward to getting back to your house and drinking hot chocolate. When the sun is so beautiful, yet sad-looking. When you get to wear your hat and sweatshirt, and come to class with a big mug of very hot coffee that sitll does not feel hot enough. When you get to sit on your couch wrapped up in a blanket and watch the rain while the sky is getting dark and the orange street lights replace the sun. When it's so miserable outside you hate it – yet you think it's the most amazing weather ever. When you constantly feel happy-sad just because of bittersweet weather, yet never want it to be over. And even though it's still warm outside, you still start feeling this last part and smiling because it's the best feeling ever – and because it will get even better soon.


2 thoughts on “Fall, leaves, and hot cocoa

  1. It’s my favorite season of the year, until all the leaves have fallen.

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