Allergic to life?

Middle of the week. I am in a miserable allergic state of mind – and body. Runny nose affects my brain, and the latter one refuses to think and tries to command my body to attempt to conjure a blanket from air so that I could hide in it from the world and then disappear with the blanket like those wizards do in their robe – and appear somewhere on a little quiet island without allergens or classes anywhere in sight.
And of course you end up going hiking for your lab, which makes you more tired and increases your allergies, and kicks your brain out to the point where you don't remember what those plants are called. And then, just when you think the fun is over – you get handed a rose made of condoms by some random representative of healthcare services, which makes it all awkward to walk down the hallway because you inevitably feel like everybody is staring at you even if they don't.
And then you want to take a nap, but you don't wanna bother – so you lay down on your bed without taking off your boots, and start typing random stuff – when suddenly your phone scares the crap outta you because you set a rattlesnake ringtone for your facebook alerts.
And the day isn't even half over…


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