Raccoon: introducing myself

Hi! That's me again – a little writing raccoon! Or should I say THE little because of how much you all love me? No, I should introduce myself so that my devoted fans and followers would know how to address me. So there, I am Nolem the little writing raccoon. My name is amazing, despite – no, exactly because it is my attempt to read the word watermelon backwards. How smart is this? I look at an empty bottle from lipton diet green tea with watermelon flavor and come up with a name. Nolem The Writing Raccoon. I was too lazy to read the second part. R. E. T. A. W. Alright. I guess I can be Nolem Retaw, The Little Writing Raccoon. I like that. It's beautiful. It has a sound of freedom to it. You can't find it? It doesn't matter. Go eat a watermelon and stop asking stupid questions about my creativity. Anyways, gotta go do my important raccoon business. I have my life, too, outside of that genius writing stuff. How would I write everything if all I did was write? I'll come back soon, with more stuff for you.


2 thoughts on “Raccoon: introducing myself

  1. You should tell the bipedal ape whose account you’re using to plant watermelons on campus so that your brothers and sisters will have something to eat.

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