Usefulness of one’s vacation

So there's my second day of vacation gone by. I have two more weeks of vacation. The funny thing though, I was looking forward to my vacation and every day was thinking about it. And now I'm almost bored. I do understand that I took this time to catch up with sleep, get ready for school and do fun stuff – and those two weeks are gonna go by like a second. I think my problem is that I forgot how to relax and have fun. I work too much, get exhausted, and hate myself – and then, when it's all gone, I feel like it's empty. I don't know how to have fun and what to do.
Ok, so I was gonna make a bracelet. Clean my house, fully unpack, and decorate the walls. Get more furniture. Figure out what else I need for my house. I could read a book. I could take more pictures and learn something new about photography. Yeah, I need to be collecting plants too. And do some office stuff downtown. And and and and. So. I am still not doing anything and bored.
Well I could change that. I should write a goal list for each day and accomplish it – and do whatever in the time that's left. This way, I'll be getting stuff done, and the value of doing whatever will be noticeably higher.
But now I want chocolate. Or a candy bar. Also, I could use a walk. So I should take a walk to get myself a candy bar! But I'm so sleepy… Maybe I should have a cup of tea and go to bed.


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