Just another day

I wanna write something, but I really have no inspiration to do so, which is weird. I wanted to write about coffee – since I got to make coffee at work this morning. I wanted to write about tumbleweeds – since there is a tumbleweed smiley on skype for some reason. But I don't know.
It's a nice morning though. A different kind of work brought some variety to my routine, which I am very happy about. Even though the work I am doing today is much less eventful than usual – it is interesting to do something different and to have different duties.
Also, it is the first out of my four last days of work. I can't wait for my vacation – and the summer went by too quick. After this week there will be only two weeks left till school. Only two weeks. It's insane. It feels like the summer has just started, really. I am kinda looking forward to going back to school though.
I need to write up my vacation list though – stuff that I need to do on vacation. And I need to get books for school.
It's nice to sit and relax after work. You can drink pop, listen to music sitting outside your house and not be nice to your laptop battery. Also, you get to be bothered by random feelings of guilt for the mess in your house that you are not cleaning up. And for the indoor plants, some of which are not feeling well. But I guess that's life. I also feel that this post is totally worthless. But I'll post it anyways.


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