A star in the blue blue sky

I am looking at a star in the blue blue sky. The star is little to the point of being elusive and it takes time to find it again if I take my eyes off of it. As I was looking at the star, something ran into the roof of my house – probably a little bat – or a big moth. As I am looking away, I see a pine sparkle under the street lights – a sprinkler nearby created raindrops on pine needles. They now shine like silver sparkles on a robe.
The music coming from the laptop is making the evening more amazing – yet making me tired. The crickets seem to be combining with the music and creating a special, almost sacred, evening tune.
The star got brighter – even though it still takes time to find it again. It is in a very weird location in relation to me, so I have to twist my head around to see it.
A gust of cool wind. A sip of warm water. You get a nice feeling of drinking hot chocolate in winter.
I am thinking I haven't relaxed like that in a long time.
The crickets stopped. They really did, and it is weird. The wind is getting stronger and I am thinking of getting myself a chair, because I don't really like sitting on the hard surface of the earth.
My laptop is gonna die soon, and it's sad.
I just saw something that looked like international space station. But it wasn't. It was too big and produced noise. It was an airplane. I normally hate airplanes, But I did not hate this one.
I'm listening to the kind of music I don't normally listen to. R'n'B sort of thing. But I really like it right now. Goes well with a slow laid back evening.
The sky got darker and the star got even brighter. Some more stars appeared. The diamonds on the pine tree became brighter. Silhouettes of the trees on the west are now completely black, and on the background of dark-blue sky, almost invisible.
Another gust of wind. Time for me to get back to my movie – and get some more hot water – and get off of here and do something else.
Night all!


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