Free spirit.

Got to run on the grass under the rain. Barefoot. And look into the sky. Got to see people I haven't seen for one thousand years. Crossed half of the town barefoot, taking my time to jump on puddles. Lay on the grass and smiled at the clouds. When was the last time I did any of that? How the heck did I manage to forget how to be crazy and do fun stuff like nobody cares? And how did it just come back in one day? And that all happened with only two hours of sleep last night – instead of the planned "going to sleep early this evening".
Well, looks like I am still the good old me, the me I managed to become in the last three years, and somehow managed to forget about in the last year. Well, now I guess I just gotta make sure to take a break every once in a while – and catch up with myself, and the crazy me that I seem to be forgetting about.


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