A lazy afternoon…

In the last 48 hours i got 7, 7, and 9 hours of sleep, one of which was an afternoon nap, which felt like the first real sleep I got from the beginning of summer. Yes, my body is obviously used to the night shifts and does not want to tolerate the normal human schedule I want it to adopt for summer.
It's too warm here. Everywhere. The only two ways you can survive the heat is sleep or hide in the freezer. Or you can put a freezer inside you – like, drink ice coffee or smoothie or something. There might be another option – going to safeway or walmart. But that would normally result in spending money – just because that's what these places do. But you get AC.
So my today's idea for spending my afternoon was going to a local coffee house, getting an ice coffee and playing minecraft and write something before the said coffee house closes, after which heading to safeway to get some soy sauce and enjoy the cold AC-ed air. I don't think there is a word "AC-ed", but that's the only one that worked for the context.
My plan already got changed for the better, because apart from playing minecraft, I am writing something in my journal. The bad part – I decided to write something in my journal because I had to stop playing minecraft because I caught myself getting motion sickness. Bleh. That means I am not playing minecraft enough, because I get motion sickness only if I stop playing it for a while. So I need to play minecraft more. It is lots of fun, and I kinda started to forget how much fun it actually is.

Soy sauce. Oh yeah. I'm planning to make some delicious food tonight – that is gonna be not only my today's supper, but also my tomorrow's lunch. And I need to continue unpiling the pile of stuff I have laying around from moving. But it's too warm for that. And then it's gonna be evening, and it's gonna be gorgeous outside, and I will not want to unpile the pile, because I'll feel like going outside and getting some fresh air. My life.


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