Apartment impressions… and food!

It's pretty awesome to have a place of your own. Even if the whole moving thing ends up being the workout of your life and leads to taking a sick day at work because of all muscles hurting and being exhausted to the point of not being able to get out of bed. But I got all my stuff moved and pretty excited about it, even though my stuff is everywhere in piles and totes. Yeah, have I told you I hate totes? They are now gonna be my worst nightmare. Grrr totes.

Also, being able to wake up and make your own food in your own kitchen is kinda awesome. You never realize the awesomeness of usual things until after you haven't had them for a long time and then suddenly got them.

On the off note, I've been looking for a new easy cooking project recently, and then I randomly thought that I didn't know what to do with brats except for grilling them. And now looks like I found a good cooking project!

Well, looks like the evening came and it's time to go outside and see how warm or cold it is – and to have a glass of cold water, because I'm definitely dehydrated after yesterday, and I need to change that at least partially by the time I go to work tomorrow.

Have a great night everybody!


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