Everybody is trying to be different from anybody else. However, we need to remember that humans are social creatures, and do what everybody does – yes, different combinations and variations, but still we do what everybody does, and if we oppose something, then we act like that bunch of people who opposes that something. When we are trying to be different –  we are just joining the bunch of people who want to be different, and we are like them. Saying that, there is no wrong or right way to act (as long as we are not purposefully hurting people) – there are a limited number of ways we can act, neither of which is better than the other, and we are free to choose. That would be theory though. Our choices are limited by our traditions and by what we think others will think. You will probably say you don't care what others think? Wrong! If you act like you don't care, people will think that you are weird, and that's exactly what you want – to think you are weird. But then again, there are some more people like you, and you are actually acting like them. Our weirdness is, too, limited by our traditions. We will not do the weirdness we have never seen. We will be only the kind of weird our society thinks to be weird. We don't realize that our society is, in fact, insanely weird to some other society.
This all seems depressing and looks like it limits our choices to those existing. Not really. The choices are like letters from the alphabet – if you are going to add new letters, you are going to screw up the alphabet. However, you can use those letters to write as many words and as much text as you like, and you choose the contents. Our life is an essay – made out of those choices. And we are free – free to write whatever we want, because all the choices are human, and none are better or worse than the other.


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