Crap and people

breathe. breathe. breathe.
life is not over yet, there's lots to do.
and you can be happy even though everybody is hurting ya.
stop looking at that crap you stepped into.
you stick your finger it it, put it right up to your face,
smell it and eat it. or look at it sadly, as though it's
the most beautiful thing in the world –
even though you know it's not.
and you are spending hours and hours
looking at it, and cursing yourself, your past and the world,
for pushing you to step into it.
or you are starting to enjoy your position,
thinking that those people are shoulder deep into that crap.
and you hate your life, but still don't make it better, because
since you're better than somebody,
that's good enough. even though that somebody is actually
stronger than you and already got out of that shoulder-high pile of crap.
and you're still admiring the small cow pie you are standing in.
you're proud it's the smallest pile of crap anybody is sitting in.
well, guess what? everybody gets out of that lil crap pile,
and you're still sitting there.
that's why yours is the smallest.


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