My Blue Day Notebook

Tonight – or, better say, last night, since it's already 2 am in the morning – while looking for some old notes for my homework, I stumbled upon a notebook that I got a couple of years ago. I completely forgot about it until two months ago, and then, after I randomly dug it out of my mess, it was just randomly laying around until I threw it on the shelf, and where it has been until today, when I randomly pulled it out together with a binder full of range management notes.
This notebook is not just notebook – it was designed by Bradley Trevor Grieve, and it is intended to inspire any sort of creative thoughts. Each page is different and the notebook gives a pleasant feeling of a creative mess. Also, on each page there are three random words, which are supposed to make you think and be creative. The idea of the notebook is pretty awesome – except for the fact that you are actually supposed to write – and not to type, since it's impossible with a paper notebook. I did try to write in it a couple of times, but the two pages of writing is the only writing the notebook carries, because I got bored and gave up writing in it.
However, I am not planning to put the notebook away like I've done thousands of times – I am planning on following through with my idea about how I could use this notebook – the idea, that came to me probably at the moment when I got the notebook, or around that time. What I am gonna do from now on is, open the notebook at a random page, write down the three words, and write – not in pen, but on the keyboard, in this very journal. I am finally accomplishing my two-year-old dream, which is kinda cool.

For all those who are wondering what the hell I am talking about, looking up "The Blue Day Notebook" by Bradley Trevor Grieve would be helpful.


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