Do you remember who you used to be?

Got to look through my very old blog and realized something – memories are a very interesting thing. Especially when I don't remember anything in particular, but emotions instead. As opposed to normal memories, which feel like they belong to the past – when I remember my emotions, they feel like part of the present again, no matter how long ago I experienced the emotion.
Events indeed belong to the past, but my past experiences and emotions are what builds me as a person and makes me the person I am now. I remember what I felt when something happened, and not just the fact that something happened. I think remembering events would be completely senseless if they were not filled with emotions. I feel like I remember events in order to remember emotions, and events are some sort of milestones for me to organize my emotions. However, all emotions are part of the present, because they are what builds each person. Since every person experiences lots of emotions over time, nobody can normally relate all the emotions to certain events. When I remember an event, I remember it for the purpose of remembering the emotion. Events happened long ago and I am no longer in them, but the emotion I experienced is still a part of me, and always will be, because I am my emotions, and my emotions are me, and it feels kinda cool to realize something like that.


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