A bowl of sleep

It is windy outside. And sort of cold – but it is not the type of cold when you should be sitting inside and drinking hot chocolate. In fact, it is too warm for hot chocolate, but too cold to be walking outside comfortably… *Yawn* Fish bowl. I need to clean it so that my fish would not die. I'm yawning too much, so I need to watch out for the fish not to jump into my mouth by itself and get accidentally eaten unnoticed. Yeah, why am I yawning? I should go to sleep. But I had a Monster a few hours ago, so I am partially sleepy and partially hyper. Too sleepy to be productive and too hyper to go to sleep. How I met your mother? Too tired for that too. Minecraft? Sounds cool, but I should finish my blanket so that I could play Minecraft wrapped up in my blanket. Eh… there's homework, too. Meh. I wanna go to bed. But I don't want to sleep. And I won't be able to sleep until I wash my fish bowl, because I will feel guilty that my fish has to swim in a fish bowl with only two inches of water since everything else evaporated. At least I watered my plants. How come I have enough water for plants, but not enough water for my fish? Plants drink chlorine water, which would kill the fish. So plants get lots of poor quality water, while my fish gets a little bit of good water. Okay. But I don't think my fish is happy to be swimming in 2 inches of good water – which is not good anymore anyways. So that is why I need to clean my fish bowl. But I still haven't decided what I am gonna do with the possibility of my fish getting eaten unnoticed, because it would be better for the fish to be swimming in the 2 inches of water than getting eaten. However, the eaten fish is not feeling anything, while a fish swimming in 2 inches of water is definitely unhappy. On the other hand, the fish obviously wants to be alive, so I would say it does not want to get eaten, and would rather live in a dirty bowl. Fish can't talk. How do I really know what it likes? Meh. I should clean the stupid bowl and make the fish feel happy.


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