My random weekend

Hello world, there I am again – with more of my boring and random exciting writing for you, dear non-existent readers.
I really don't feel like writing tonight, because I feel like I kind of lost my ability to express my feelings about amazing simple things in life, which flooded my weekend to the point where it's sad that this weekend is over.
My weekend started Thursday night, because as a very irresponsible student I slept through my Friday classes in order to show how responsible of a student I am… ^^ … and I got a three-day weekend, which was a great thing, especially considering the summer weather outside.
During this weekend – and actually the whole week – I've done lots of fun stuff that I haven't done in a long time, or ever. No, I didn't learn how to fly an airplane. But during the week I ended up realizing that I have time both to do homework and hang out with friends, while earlier I was pretty sure that I had time for neither, because I was dumb. The highlights of the weekend were starting to work at my new cute- gross-colored blanket, cleaning some part of my room, walking around town, riding my bike, cooking a delicious lunch for breakfast, and yeah, WALKING BAREFOOT!!! I probably forgot to mention a thousand other things, but you get the idea.
And there we go. If I hadn't lost my ability to express my feelings about amazing simple things in life, I would have written here about my Saturday walk with Italian soda – but I don't feel like I can write anything particular about it, plus I am tired, and that certainly does not contribute in a good way to my ability of self-expression through writing.
Anyways, since I am almost falling asleep, soon my writing will start to look like that: asldfkja;oweibadkvalndfiae.
In order to prevent that, I'll wish you all guys good night and a happy Monday – and then will go to sleeppppppp…….. a;sldkjfaoweinaoi
……….oops….. told ya……..


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