The best invention of humanity

I started my today's night shift by pouring myself some hot coffee out of my thermos and snacking on graham crackers. And how it sometimes happens, I realized once again that small things can play a very important role in my life – and today the hero of my night shift was my thermos.

My dad used to take a thermos with tea to work every day. I haven't seen him for a long time, but I remember that about his daily routine. I remember my mom got me a small thermos, I think she brought me tea in it if I had to stay at school after class. I hated that thermos, I still remember its smell – it was a cheap crappy old school thermos, newer than my dad's but of much poorer quality.
Over ten years passed since then, and it's been over a year that I have had my own thermos, a new two-wall vacuum steel 34oz. thermos – the kind my dad would hate since he liked his old school glass insulated thermos.

I got my thermos not long after I started working night shifts – to take hot tea with me to work. So technically, I stole dad's idea. The idea seemed perfect, but it didn't work. I got tired of making tea and hauling the steel bottle around, and I did not like that my thermos lid smelled like peaches, mint, coffee, and green tea all together, however much I washed it. It was much easier to grab a mug and use a microwave at work to make a warm drink. The thermos was just sitting on the shelf for months – until now.

I have always liked instant coffee, and since people I hang out with drink brewed coffee, I came to the point where I could not drink gross instant coffee and decided I need a coffee maker. A couple of months with a craptacular cheap one-cup coffee maker did not make me happy, so about a week ago I got myself a real coffee maker – and that's when my fabulous thermos got a chance to jump off the shelf, especially since my travel mug has been dirty for a few weeks days and should go to trash, and since the thermos is so much bigger and can hold more coffee, and easier to clean than a travel mug.

So yes, right now, I feel like a thermos is one of the best inventions of humanity, because thanks to the thermos, I can take lots of hot freshly brewed coffee to work, and stay warm and awake. 🙂

I think I should name my thermos…


4 thoughts on “The best invention of humanity

  1. I always took two thermoses with me when I went land surveying in Portland: one was for iced tea and it was loaded up with ice, and the other had tomato coconut soup in it. Your dad had the right idea.

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